Which platform is best to develop eCommerce sites?

Which platform is best to develop eCommerce sites?

Amongst the list of eCommerce solutions, Magento has emerged on the top list. It incorporates for the excellent architecture and great framework. However, many more options are there which make the best platform for eCommerce.

There are 9 points of eCommerce solutions which work in the favour of Magento:

1. It helps in developing and making multiple websites on the single administrative interface. If you own multiple websites then this would be the best and very useful option for you.

This can also be used as the central location for handling both pricing and inventory on various websites. When you look into any other website then login to various websites at a time is not possible and it is a tedious task too.

2. One of the best benefits that Magneto offer you is that it allows more than sixty currencies and languages support of the website.

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It also supports versatile tax rates which could be easily expandable straight into the market globally.

3. Magneto in addition to this also provides layered navigation so that the visitors may get customized browsing options. This eCommerce platform also helps you in viewing products through various categories available.

You can also sort the products on the basis of high price, low price, fresh arrival, old products, sale products, colour, size and a lot more.

4. Magneto has in-built web services which makes it really special. It also allows many external applications for example XML-RPC and SOAP accessibility.

This is to generate feedback while un-altering the underlying code.

5. Magneto is inclusive of inbuilt SEO which endures URL rewrites. This is also user-friendly. It also helps many big search engines to access directly, store and index listed products on your eCommerce website.

6. Since Magneto possess a lot of in-built qualities, it is one such platform which simply provides real-time quotations and rates.

This helps in enabling users to deliver products to various shipping addresses. This is an excellent platform for on line portals for gift shopping.

7. With so many flexible features, it also has various reporting and documentation features. This helps in viewing a track on best-selling products and daily sales reports.

You can make expert reports on export to CSV formats. You can easily print these reports and can also save them for future.

8. Benefiting backing community is also a feature of Magneto. If you have an active community, public forums, repair and track bags then the same can be easily managed.

It connects you truly to the extensions of public repository which can further help you in enhancing and improving functions on Magneto.

9. It is an open source software and is cheaper when compared to other eCommerce platforms.

10. You can upload products very easily to Magento or you can hire Magento product upload services by expert at very reasonable pricing also.

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