Ways to Make your Website Look Great on a Smartphone

Ways to Make your Website Look Great on a Smartphone

Smartphones are highly used for the online browsing and purchasing. So, how to ensure your company website is well optimized for the mobile use.

Consumers are using tablets and smartphones to access internet more than before. Challenge for the businesses is to ensure their web site performs very well on any kind of the mobile device — from basic phone to sophisticated tablet.

Most important goal must be to make mobile browsing experience painless and that begins with knowing your customers’ requirements.

Understand your users

Whole landscape now has changed —there’re a few Android phones, which are almost as vast as tablets. Thus, you have to know who will be using what kind of the device to access the website.

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In order, to get the clear picture, you can go on the mobile segment on the Google Analytics as well as get the complete device to read out. You may drill down as well as find what type of browser they’re using as well, like Explorer, or Safari.

You can also see if the smartphone users are coming on your website and bouncing off right away—it is a sign that you have to make certain changes.

Focus on important things

It is important to work on what content your users want the most. The local information is a key. So do not throw a lot of information at the mobile users, which slows down their capability of finding what they want.

Like any internet project, you have to take in account constraints like connectivity and bandwidth, so do not include plenty of features that will take a lot of time to load.

Think like users

Give them the simple path to find significant details such as contact information. Make this simple to purchase if you run ecommerce site.

It is all about limiting amount of stages that user needs to go through and find what they’re searching for.

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