Virtual Support Services

Virtual Business Support Services

Live Chat / Virtual Support service is one of the features offered by most of the companies these days on their website because what matters nowadays is instant service and best quality.

Any company which has a week customer service will not grow in this era of cutting edge competition. edata4you is one of the leading outsourcing agencies in India providing cost effective and professional live chat support services.

virtual support service

Our comprehensive live chat support provides personalized customer service for various technical as well as non-technical products and services.

Virtual Support Service

We help companies to interact with their potential customers proactively through online chat to provide a real time support which is actually the need of the hour.

It provides a two-way communication and that too instantly, when customer is looking at the website for buying any product or service.

In comparison to live phone support which requires a full-time employee, virtual assistance is much more economical and comprehensive.

Virtual Assistance

Apart from best in class Chat Support Service, we also offer Virtual Assistance remotely, where your important calls are received by our professional virtual assistants while you are travelling or in meeting.

Our virtual assistants pass the information to your via email, text or call and avoid the situations where you can miss your important business calls.

It can save your lots of time by filtering your calls and only important calls or messages will reach to you.

Email Answering

We also provide our customers with Email Answering Service where we revert on behalf of our customers where we have the responsibility to follow up with the mails, send proposals and quotations.

Why to choose us for your service?
  • Highly professional and experienced team
  • Years of experienced in the same domain
  • Business Communication Experts to reply mail in impressive English
  • Experts are well-versed for negotiations.

If you are looking for any of the services mentioned above, call us right away.