Typing Transcription Services

Transcription Services

Typing Transcription Service are those services where speech, whether it is live or recorded, is converted to electronic or written document.

Transcription services are basically present in medical, business and legal domains. The most common type of transcription we see is that from speech to text.

typing transcription service

A perfect example is a court hearing. Firms involved in typing transcription services either can send their staff to events and other functions/ seminars who convert the spoken content into text or they can receive recorded speeches and audio for conversion.

For these data conversion services individuals or organizations can charge different rates with different method of pricing.

Business professionals and a business in general have loads of data which needs to be converted to a transcript as that data is crucial and must not be lost.

Even if the content has been stored as a sound or video file, converting it into text is as much important as it helps with the reach of the content to the clients.

Some other types of typing transcription services include:

Interview transcription: This transcription is a word to word documentation of a recorded or live interview.

All types of interviews need to be transcribed as it helps to get the desired information when needed. Also, it helps to find key/ crucial topics discussed.

Medical transcription: Medical transcription used to be a very important activity in the medical domain as doctors needed to maintain a patient’s record and keep the related documents up to date.

They even made a transcript of the medical diagnosis.

Legal transcription: The court proceedings and details of the case involved are converted directly into transcripts while the case is discussed in the court-room. It helps the legal advisers and other personnel to use it as a reference later.

edata4you helps ease your concerns with conversion to transcripts with hassle free typing transcription services. We deal with varied professions and industries with utmost proficiency.

We have good experience in typing and transforming documents that aren’t clear, are error prone or written badly. We sort information from handwritten manuscripts, term papers, lease deeds, reports, screenplays and class notes etc.

We have specialists in certain kind of fields which helps to do the work in a more efficient and speedy way. Our rate card purely depends on your needs and preferences and the content that has been undertaken.

There are different methods of paying; you can pay per page or you can pay by bulk. Voice mail transcription and toll free dictation transcription are among the many transcription companies we additionally provide.

Why to hire us for Typing Transcription Services?

  • Assurance of 100% accuracy
  • Full confidentiality for the safety of the content
  • Dedicated professionals and environment friendly process

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