Trend of Theme Based Holidays

Trend of Theme Based Holidays

As the Indian Tourism Industry has matured, people have become choosy and are demanding from the tourism companies and they expect better experience every time. Now a days theme based holidays are very popular.

The fix departures and pre-defined regular tour packages to famous destinations in pre-defined format is not a thing that attract the travelers much nowadays.

Gone are the days when people were happy touring to destinations like Goa, Shimla, Manali and Kashmir, etc. which the every frequent traveler would have visited.

In such scenario, the theme based holidays is something that has gained much attention recently.

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I am a huge fan of theme based holidays which allows me to choose the activities which I love to do.

I love photography, meeting to the local people, going for adventure activities and nature walks. I choose a particular theme and then hunt for the right destinations where I can do those set of activities which sets my adrenaline-level high.

What’s so great about these theme based holidays?

If you ask me, there are so many reasons which make it great. I have been a victim on a number of tours with family and friends where I have to be a part of the holiday trip which is completely boring and un-exciting to me.

Thanks to these theme based holidays, I do not have to beg my friends every time to come with me for a holiday. I love to travel and I can meet like-minded people on the theme holiday trip.

I can meet foodies on a food trail, adventure lovers on an off-beat tour, and creative people on artistry holidays.

These are some great things about theme based holidays

1. You have a point: It’s great that you are not being a part of a pointless travel, going for the boring sightseeing of the destination.

On theme based holidays, you always have something exciting to do which makes you feel great – Either it is a culinary excursion, cycling, adventure activities or nature walks. Choose what excites you and makes you feel great.

2. Meeting great people: Thematic holidays always attract people with great interest in that theme, so you meet great guys who are like-minded. Isn’t it exciting to meet strangers who are similar to you in some way or the other?

3. No need to find a company: You can go for theme holidays alone as you may meet new people and you won’t be alone doing those things which make you happy, And of course, you will explore yourself.

4. Local Experiences: When you are alone or with like-minded people, you are free to do what you like. I love meeting local people, and I always miss that thing when I am with my friends or family. Meeting locals, experiencing the lifestyle, tasting local foods and knowing the folk tales has always excited me. When I am travelling alone, I do all these things.

What types of themes are trending in India?

There are many types of themes are hosted or managed by resorts or tourism companies but these are few very popular themes for holidays in India

1. Food Holidays

2. Wildlife Holidays

3. Adventure Holidays

4. Women Holidays

5. Eco-tourism

6. Heritage & Pilgrimage Holidays

7. Wellness & Rejuvenation

8. Honeymoon

9. Luxury & Leisure Holidays

10. Snow Holidays


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