Top 7 Best Secret Product Hunt List

Top 7 Best Secret Product Hunt List

Best Product Hunt List:

1. Craftsy Classes:- The free mobile app launched recently is useful for who want to take classes at home for various product like sewing, embroidery, cake decorating, gardening, woodworking, drawing and many more and you can also take advice from the experts.

2. Uber :- This enables you to a ride at one touch with the five star driver and can also select destination for pickup. Payment can be done through your phone.

3. Price Cruncher:- It enables the user to quickly compare the prices with different unit of measures. It includes the discount calculator and provision for adding and maintaining list for future comparison.

4. Secret Diary:- The personal diary with password protected. No one can hack even if you lost your mobile. Sticky notes and voice records can also be attached and many other features.

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5. Tumblr:- The blogging app which enables you to post anything from anywhere. You can share photos, videos, music, quotes etc and can also follow the latest news from your dashboard.

6. Explain Eeverything:- It’s the app for teacher where they can create slides adding text, drawing and recording and many other things. Thus help them to easily teach.

7. Ice:- In case of emergency. It contains information regarding doctors name and numbers and can be called directly from app. It is most useful for hospital staff.

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