Top 5 online platforms which you can use for making E-commerce store

Top 5 online platforms which you can use for making E-commerce store

Finding the right business idea to start and operate a successful business has always been important, and in the contemporary times of extreme competition, it has assumed centre stage. The buzz word and the money minting business idea in today’s times are E-Commerce. As more and more users are getting convinced about online shopping for products and services, having an e-commerce web portal is the simplest business idea which business owners and entrepreneurs today are vouching for. However, the choice of the right software platform to build such a business cannot be stressed enough. Below is a list of some of the most plausible tools which can be used to build you a successful e-commerce web business.

1. Shopify

There is one thing to have e-commerce platforms at your disposal for crafting out your business, but it is the community and support which makes all the difference.Apart from providing all the major design utilities for a small to medium e-commerce business creation. Shopify has an active community attended by business owners, and can well be leveraged to gain the greater business edge.

2. Magento

Most e-commerce platform creators out there are technically sound, but where they lack is the distribution or the selling network. Magento scores well on both these parameters, wherein the technical side of things are taken care off by the out of the box utilities; eBay, on the other hand, owns this portal and eases the distribution of the hosted products over it’s network.

3. Big Commerce

When you are operating within the e-commerce space, versatility in goods and utilities of the platform are of crucial importance. Big Commerce leads the market of such tools in this regard, by providing easily customizable templates for portal design. A unique feature of the platform is the hand holding videos and content library, with step by step guides for e-commerce portal set-up.

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4. WooCommerce

If you own and run an e-commerce business, including utilities and functionality in your business is what will get you to the limit of commercial success. A ‘Do-it-yourself’ website is the way to go in this regard. WooCommerce is an e-commerce platform powered by WordPress, and this scores ably on this pretext. If you have a right hand on WordPress, making use of this platform will be a cake walk. Also the fact that it is open source gives you the benefit of avoiding all those stringent contracts and agreements with third party developers.

5. Webs

As is so much reflective from the very name, Webs is a customizable and highly intuitive e-commerce development platform, which is available for use. With intuitive videos and guiding texts, creating and managing a business is incredibly comfortable. There are many people who would testify that Webs is a tool which would free you from the effort to maintain and create your web portal, and give you time to hand to developing and working on your actual business strategy.

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