Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO has an Inseparable Bond

Social Media, Content Marketing and SEO has an Inseparable Bond

Digital marketers at times feel that there is no co-relation between content marketing, social media and SEO. What generally they think is that – Content marketing helps in keeping your target audience updated about your product and services and entertained about any new developments; Social Media is considered as means to promote your product and off-course content; SEO helps in getting your content and brand seen on search engines.

True? Well absolutely not!! The three digital marketing techniques – content marketing, social media and SEO – serve one common purpose. The purpose is to gain or achieve relevance for your target group. There has been tremendous growth in the number of the internet users in the last one decade.

The combination of SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing is lethal as it will produce results which will surpass any other marketing technique. The customer acquisition goes up and website traffic is increased exponentially if a strategic approach is applied. To add to it, the ever changing Google Algorithms have played an important role. The presence in social media has become an integral part for search engine rankings.

That being said let us know understand the 5 ways with which content marketing, social media and SEO can generate the desired ROI from your digital marketing campaigns. Before going in that tangent you need to know one very important thing – make sure you organic footprint is sufficient enough so that more and more people can come to know about you and your brand just by word of mouth.

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5 ways with which content marketing, social media and SEO can generate the desired ROI

  1. Twitter works for Google to give brand new content

Strange but true!! The internet is just like library. There are countless information present here and the most surprising fact is that there is not just one but multiple resource stations. However one of the most reliable networks for Google is Twitter. The moment any news or discussion becomes trending on Twitter it will be immediately spotted by Google because the latter keeps crawling websites for updated and content. Infact many digital marketing companies use Twitter as one of the most important platform to trend the news of their client. Google, while crawling Twitter will consider factors such as how many likes the content/post has received, how many retweets were done for that particular post, number of people who have tweeted the content and how much time it took for the content to be shared. This procedure of crawling inside a website and checking out the content is called as Content Indexation. The procedure is downright important and should not be missed if you want the best out of your digital marketing strategy.

  1. Sharing in social media will help in back-linking and link building:

If your website is ranking really high on Google or even on the first page of Google then this is because of the countless backlinks your website has received. Although this is one such factor which can be easily forged by expert digital marketers through black-hat SEO Technique (this includes usage of excessive keyword, invisible text and creating bogus websites). This primarily is the reason why Google uses content from websites such as Twitter, Facebook and Google+ because the content published and posted here stands little to no chance of being manipulative. There was a time in digital marketing when marketers used to sit for hours for the purpose of creating link backs. At the present moment the workload has been taken over by social media and search engine optimization or SEO.

  1. Make your presence felt in social media

The formula of generating a higher number of organic followers is simple – regular posts on social media. Be it Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ or any other social media platform you have to ensure that you have a good fan following. Your blog posts or websites will be ranked higher by Google only under one condition of you being a credible/reliable source of information for your users. This is taken into consideration by your presence on social media or as it is known in the digital marketing industry social media influence. Google will check for the relevance of your posts, the total number of people your post was able to reach and how many people or followers shared or retweeted your post. There is no set formula to determine the factors which Google will consider. You need to make sure the following things:

  • Whatever you are sharing goes in sync with your brand identity
  • The content is relevant for your audience. If you are a fashion brand then make sure you do not share content related to sports.
  • Number of people you are able to reach. In case the number is a little too low as compared to the number of followers you have then you can always boost your posts on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.
  • People or followers are engaging with your content. Try the click bait technique with some catchy taglines so that people can comment and share.

These days in digital marketing companies are collaborating with bloggers and brand influencers who have strong following on social media. Their posts and blogs can give you a massive exposure amongst your target audience.

  1. Make the most out of Google+

Google+ has always been considered as one of the most underrated social media platform despite the fact that Google does count your presence here. Whether you are a brand or running a blog you must have five important social media accounts:

  • Twitter: This helps you stay up-to-date with the trending topics.
  • Facebook: This helps you reach a wider audience.
  • LinkedIn: Helps you in reaching and connecting with professionals from your genre or other genres.
  • Instagram: With nearly 500 million users (as of June 2016) and mostly millennial it is imperative for your brand to be a part of this ever growing network.
  • Google+: Simply because Google loves its own social media platform.

All you have to do with Google+ is to dedicate 10 minutes every day by posting content relevant to your brand. You can post it in your own profile or you can post it in the communities of Google+. This helps Google to realize the fact that you do exist in their network, sharing valuable content which holds importance to your target audience and that you are worthy to be placed high in SERP.

  1. Last nail in the coffin – SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Undoubtedly the most important aspect of digital marketing is SEO and one thing which every digital marketer believes is that SEO is something that should not be overlooked. Google has undergone so many changes in algorithm that now what every digital marketing expert believes is that – CONTENT IS THE KING. It is true in every aspect. The reason being Google has an intricate habit of searching for the most relevant content in the internet. It wants the best and most reliable content to rank really high in search engines. This primarily is the reason why SEO is slightly less technical and more user friendly. The reason why relevant content sharing is so important is because that’s what Google considers. It considers the type of content you are sharing with your targeted audience rather than the number of keywords that you are using. That being said you simply cannot ignore the technical aspects such as placing of keywords in H1, the URL, meta description and tags still hold a lot of importance from SEO perspective. Using the right keyword at the right place and in right density (keyword density) is also important. The keywords that you will be using for you blog or your brand will help customers to get answers to what they type in Google’s search bar. So for example if I type midnight food delivery in New Delhi it will give the exact options I am looking for but if I type midnight delivery I might not get the answers I am looking for.

Furthermore to get more exposure and generate maximum ROI you can use the technique called as User-Generated Content. This is the type of content which is created your target audience. The content includes reviews and testimonials, blog or social media posts, content from webinars, Twitter chats or social media contests, and so on. User-generated content can bring some priceless benefits. There are multiple ways to have a user generated content. Some of the most popular steps are mentioned below:

  • Organizing webinars, Twitter chats, twitter Quizzes or any other sort of online event.
  • Click bait on social media where in you will ask customers to answer certain questions. Doing so you will get a clear idea of what your customers want.
  • Promoting the contests and quizzes on social media.
  • Engaging with your users on your blog so that they comment and share you blog.

The relation between social media, SEO and content marketing is inevitable and cannot be questioned. These three digital marketing techniques help each other and eventually help you get noticed by Google to get noticed by your target audience. So make the most out of them.

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