5 Shopify Plugins for every eCommerce Business

5 Shopify Plugins for every eCommerce Business

5 Shopify Plugins That Every eCommerce Store Should Start With

So, you’ve eventually dived into and decided to create your own e-commerce shop using Shopify? Well we must say that this was a really smart choice! There is no denying of the fact that Shopify is considered as one of the finest eCommerce solutions. Its robust nature, seamless operations and ease of use has given this tool the badge of being the best tool in the market. According to TechCrunch with 50,000 storefronts have been created in 7 years and the company has added 60 new features. The features range from complete redesign of its dashboard and the addition of a live theme editor and more intuitive administrative functions. While Shopify stands tall in its segment however one just cannot ignore the intense competition prevalent in the market. However, with the features incorporated in Shopify, there is no way one can ignore this tool.

So are you ready to roll?

The best part about Shopify are the in-built features and design which can be created depending upon the user. Which such efficient features and characteristics you also get the leverage of tweaking the theme of the store thereby adding the products and generating sale. That’s not all. It also has an in-built feature of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and the facility to add Google Analytic to your website so that you can track the behavior of your user and analyzing the traffic trends.

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Let’s be honest here!! Initially when you will set up the account you will be exasperated by the extreme simplicity of your online store when you will compare it to the other stores you will feel that the options are too limited and very basic. But here you don’t have to worry about because just when you think that there are limited that’s when Shopify opens up to you.

Just imagine Shopify to be your smartphone which you have just purchased. A brand-new smartphone will be merely a device to attend and make calls however once you download the fancy apps on it that’s when you understand how robust and reliable it will be. That’s how it is with Shopify. The Shopify App Store brings life to your online store. There are more than 249 plugins from third party developers which enhances the functioning of your Shopify store.

Shopify Plugins

There are some very good options in the free segment but there are many other plugins which are paid and come with a subscription charge. With negligible spend though you’ll very soon be able to stand match shoulder to shoulder with the superior stores in your forte and give your end users all the same choices they do. Your benefit – gaining limitless potential to bring in the profits.

It is highly not advisable to spend huge amounts to get that one heck of an app. If you want your online store to be successful, you need to do one very important thing – being focused on selling products. This is the reason why we have sorted out top 5 indispensable Shopify plugins which will ease your work load and also result in successful revenue generation.

Here are Top 5 Shopify Plugins for eCommerce business:

1. ShopConnection

Aristotle pointed out, Nature abhors a vacuum, and same applies with your online business. The most important priority when you kick start your online venture is undoubtedly to fascinate customers to your eCommerce store. If this is not the first thing in your mind, then chances of you not existing in the market are very high. In order to appeal visitors, it is imperative for you to have a strong foothold on social network.

ShopConnection gives you the leverage of connecting your social media network with your store. This in turn also allows your customers to share your product on their respective social media profiles. The free option present in the store facilitates the installation of the sharing buttons of the largest shopping related social network Pinterest and Tumblr however if you opt for paid option you get the advantage of connecting more services.

Smart Buttons is one of the finest options of ShopConnection. According to this each customer sees the buttons for the social media sites to which they are currently logged into first. This also gives you the option to set default buttons for those customers who haven’t logged into their social media site. If you upgrade, then you can also add the Follow Us button which will appear on the order confirmation page.

2. Chimpified

Email marketing has also been in trend and will never fade away. That being said it has to be the most important strategy to get noticed by your customers or even your potential customers. One of the most user friendly email marketing provider is Mail chimp however Chimpified is not far behind from Mail chimp. Chimpified is free and very easy to set up. Once your customer approves to accept emails from you they will be added to the Mailchimp list which you have synced to your store however you need to understand that an account with Mailchimp is mandatory here. In case you are among-st those who do not want to use Mailchimp as your preferred email provider then you have other options as well. These options are Mad Mimi’s Madify, Contactify from Constant Contact and Campaign Monitor’s Campaignified.

3. Yotpo Social Reviews

 To make sure that your customer knows about your social media is the best option and at the same time reviews play a vital role also. They are a great resource of social media proof for your eCommerce store. Keeping this in mind the app from Yotpo is committed to deliver more of them. Leaving a review and thereby sharing it on social media is very easy with Yotpo. The other advantage of this plugin is that it will send an email to any new customer with the prompt of leaving a feedback. Cool, isn’t it?  The installation is very simple and it is free thereby making it one of the most sought after tool for those who are new in the eCommerce sector.

4. Fliptabify

 Mark Zuckerberg’s brainchild has created ripples in social media industry and many SMBs attribute their success to Facebook. So, a powerful Facebook presence can lead to the success of your store as well. As of the last quarter of 2016, Facebook had 1.86 billion monthly active users making this as one of the most powerful and successful social media platform. Hence a strong presence on Facebook can accelerate the success rate of your store. Fliptabify gives you the ability display your product to the biggest and the most popular social media network of the world. All you have to do is install a tab on Facebook page and the users will be able to peruse your catalog and that too without having to even check your website. Fliptabify has two plans – Free and Paid. The free plan gives you access for unlimited products and installation on multiple pages that you have on Facebook. However, if you pay for the Power Plan you will get an additional feature of “Like Gating”. According to Like Gating some of your products will be hidden from customers until they like your Facebook Page. So, in a way this plugin will not only boost your business but also to helps in increasing your fan following. The brand connection increases and customers also start believing in authenticity of your account.

5. Recomatic

Recommendation engine in an eCommerce store is very important as it assists a customer to find what they are looking for thereby the sales figure goes and maximizing sales. Recomatic will automatically add a recommendation module to your store. The module will fetch the data from the past such as past order data, products descriptions and titles, tags and categories to display the most appropriate products for your customers. Recomatic is not free and will cost you $24 a month, however the plugin is highly recommended if you are those who would like to see spike in their sales number then this is a must have.


 These are top 5 plugins that we would highly recommend. We have done some extensive research and picked up some of the best, easy and most affordable plugins. These plugins surely help you in kick starting your online store but you cannot deny the requirement of other plugins. So, in case you are looking out for accounting plugins to follow up the bills there are multiple apps available. We recommend plugins like Freshbooks and Quickbooks.

You should know the fact that Product Options and SEO Meta Manager are two other indispensable apps which you should to add to the list. Apart from that you can also use the tech friendly app like Wishlist. This app will give your users the option to save the product and buy it later. This is the same plugin which Fllipkart or Amazon have been using year on year. There are tonnes of option in the store and they are growing at a rapid rate. This is unquestionably one of the benefits of being with Shopify for your online store.

You can get a clear idea of what’s prevalent/trending by scanning Shopify’s app store yourself. There is no rocket science in browsing the store and with the help of reviews and ratings given by customers/users and the detailed explanation it becomes a lot easier for you to search for the relevant plugins. There will be a lot of premium plugins so be vigilant enough not to sign up for all of them until and unless your business is generating sufficient revenue.


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