Shopify - Advantages that you Should be Aware of

Shopify - Advantages that you Should be Aware of

Shopify, a name that has become synonymous within the e-commerce sector for being so easy to use that every new business has opted for it. It is a guileless shopping cart solution for your eCommerce venture. With Shopify, you face no issues over maintaining your shopping cart, managing and maintaining the servers, or even displaying your brand and your catalog/portfolio to existing or even potential customers. Apart from all this, Shopify has supplementary apps accessible for you so that you can get help in the whole eCommerce procedure which ranges from: inventory management to shipping to customer contact management. So, what have we brought for you today?

Well we bring forward the advantages that you will get once you are associated with Shopify:

1. Shopify Is Absolutely Easy

The primary reason why Shopify is the best portal is this: You do not have to worry about coding and web-hosting problems which otherwise you will surely face on your own eCommerce website. There is no rocket science involved and you won’t need any technical degree or expertise to launch your own online store with Shopify. You just need an inventory to start off with. The best part of Shopify is that it follows the KISS rule – Keep It Simple Stupid and this allows the entrepreneurs to concentrate on their venture rather than juggling with the technical aspect or the website and cart management. When we say that it is simple and easy to use we do not mean that it is without a spineless shopping cart. They are professionals and understand the requirement of each and every customer. They have a 24/7 customer care support over the phone and email, and a broad FAQ page. The Shopify Manual provided by Shopify works as a bible for its customers and helps in getting maximum knowledge about the shopping cart. The manual is very wide and introduces you to the user interface of your Shopify account and at the same time talking about the entire process of capturing information, managing database, discussing the dos and don’ts, how to use discounts, how to use the display of inventory, sales, collections, the links redirecting to your website and redirecting from your website and also addressing the basic question such as payment and shipping. With all these robust arsenal, readily available to you, there seems to be no challenge in getting started with Shopify and it takes less than a day to start off with depending on the customization that you will do in your shopping cart.

2. Shopify Is Already Hosted

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Living up to its expectation of being easy and simple Shopify gives you another advantage that you do not need to install any sort of software on your computer or even your server. The shopping cart is already hosted by Shopify. The team is a bunch of professionals working day in and day out to take care of the typical website related problems such as management, payment gateway, and hosting. The system that Shopify uses gives you the leverage of detailing the information provided by customer for the purpose of marketing and also keeping a close check on the inventory. The system is friendly enough to collect and manage multiple type of inventory which you can provide it. This relieves you off the stress that you will face with any other shopping portal. On different websites, you will have to manage the coding part so that you can make it user friendly and this takes anything from an hour to a day. Apart from all the above-mentioned benefits you don’t have to bother yourself on issues like: updating the software, maintaining servers and no cost for hosting. This results in the efforts being saved and converting into revenue generation. Time is a valuable asset and one just does not want to spend it deviating from focus which is why Shopify becomes a platform where you invest your money and let go off the stress. Shopify Becomes First Commerce Platform to Integrate with Facebook Messenger. Read here: –

If you don’t believe us then let’s explain it to you: The total cost of Shopify is anything between $30-180 per month, and this depends on the number of products and the features that you want on your store. On the other hand, if you would have gone for hosting your own eCommerce store you would have ended up buying a server or even renting a server. In this situation, we suggest that you should buy a server because that is cheap and will cost anything from $500 to $2500. On the other hand, renting a dual-processor, managed HTTP server will cost you from $400 and $1000. Well at the same time you will have to include all the hidden costs as well. These hidden costs include the continuous power supply and the unvarying maintenance and emergency IT costs incurred. To add to it, you will have to buy a self-hosted shopping cart software bundle such as

  • Magento: Which is priced at $15,550 per year, or approximately about $1300 per month or
  • SunShop: Which is available at $20 per month for an introductory license, or if you opt for their premium package then you will end up paying a one-time $500 licensing fee.

There is definitely a price choice offered for self-hosted platforms, but unless you enjoy playing around with computers, and have far-reaching server and coding knowledge, Shopify is dearth cheap and seamless in operation.

3. Dependability

If the low cost of Shopify versus self-hosted platforms was not able to win your mind and heart, then think about the other big advantage of Shopify: Dependability

Technology is very dicey and you never know when your servers are knocked out. Anytime your servers face downtime, is a minute that your customers won’t be able to make any purchase. Amazon and Google have ascertained that a delay of a fraction of a second in loading of a page leads to significant loss of money. Consider this: Amazon faced a 1% decrease in sales when their websites loading time was delayed by 100 microseconds. In case of Google the traffic and ad revenues reduce by 20% if their 10 result page loads in 0.4 seconds and 30 result page loads in 0.9 seconds. The crux of the matter is that the customers are very impatient and they want everything streamlined and quick.

Even, Shopify cannot run away from the issue of slow loading website and servers being down for even a fraction of a second but when the cart is being managed and hosted by Shopify then you simply do not have to worry about. This clearly points out to the fact that their technical team is trained enough to take care of routine maintenance of server and upgrades so that your shopping cart is available for your customers and is loading at the correct speed or even faster. If at all anything happens they still have a team of focused technical specialists to handle the emergency glitches. This takes off hours or work and irritation from you. To add to the reliability part, their clients are a proof – General Electric, Amnesty International, CrossFit, Tesla Motors, Encyclopedia Britannica, Foo Fighters, GitHub, and some 50,000 more. Shopify has the setup to handle your venture reliably and at pocket friendly price.

Shopify Advantages

4. You can tweak the design

Shopify hosts 50,000+ stores and they are determined to give their customers the best service they can. They will not let you feel that you are working with just another and a standard eCommerce website. The best part about Shopify is that it is extremely customizable, and this includes a lot of templates, customizable selections, and for those entrepreneurs who are highly killed in coding and, Shopify website proudly says that that no HTML or CSS is beyond reach. You have all the reasons to display your brand image and belief blatantly in your design.

5. The Shopify App Store

There are numerous successful products in the world of technology and Shopify is one of them. It has created a dent in the industry and currently hosts more than 50,000 carts. The designers and experts associated with Shopify have given you the apps that can be used to add to your eCommerce store and thereby earn maximum out of it. Shopify as an individual entity is not a very feature loaded product but then the whole perception changes when you check out the App Store. The store makes up for the feature-less part of Shopify and this gives it the categorization of one of the most robust shopping cart available right now. The App store adds an essential value which gives Shopify an upper hand as compared to its competitors. If we go ahead and talk about the apps available in the store it will take really long so we will keep it simple and talk about the three most popular apps which amplifies the functioning of Shopify. These apps are tagged with a 100% approval rating in the App Store:

  • Yotpo Social Reviews: Reviews play a vital role in defining your social media credibility and this app takes the benefit of social media market so that your shopping cart is connected with the reviews. It inevitably encourages customers to write a review, and incorporates into your site. At the same time, you have the option to connect positive reviews from any source on the internet to Yotpo, and subsequently to your cart. This gives customers a great deal of confidence and also diverts proper traffic to your store.
  • Product Options: Gives you the option of tweaking the inventory and groups interface so that you can without any difficulty or issue manage how your catalog is presented. This talks about the precincts that exist in the built-in Shopify interface which makes customization and description easy for customers and they get exactly what they want from you.
  • SEO Meta Manager: As the name suggests it works according to its name. It controls how the products are exhibited and look like in search engines such as Google. Apart from this the app also gives you support related to your website and blog so that you can augment the appearance in search results across the board and enhance your brand visibility, generating page views and revenue.

Shopify Apps means that you can get precisely the bundle and functionality that you need, with your catalog, in your marketplace, for your patrons, to work according to your terms.


Although we did talk about Shopify’s cost versus some self-hosted cart solutions, the point that Shopify is relatively easy on pocket was not included in our list. The reason being that low cost in the initial stages means higher cost in the later stage. Shopify has been an award winner and has gained tremendous recognition because of its growth and functionality and the success rate clearly defines the effort that has gone into making this app the most loved one. The point here is easy on pocket and being an award winner are because of Shopify’s attitude and ideal, which is the main reason customers love it right from day one. And Shopify’s motto is to make it easy for you to run your business.


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