Online Reputation Management

ORM is an effective way to maintain and monitor the online reputation of the firm, an individual or brand with the prima facie aim of removing the negativity around their name by pushing them below the search engine results. Reputation is a major factor attributing to the online branding and reputation building of the company.

edata4you has brought about a revolution in the digital arena by offering customized customer review sites, forums, blogs, articles, social networking etc.

Online reputation management will comprise technique employed by the professional firm to reserve the reputation and build a positive online presence.

Our list of services includes:

  • We monitor the online conversations concerning the brand.
  • We reply to praises and compliments of the respective online audience.
  • We report the online trends that are required to be used to deliver digital marketing services.

Our list of proactive techniques includes

Development of social media profile and its management

Benefits of roping in the services of edata4you for ORM

Handling negative feedback

This can happen at any juncture due to a disgruntled client or by way fi someone’s desire to tarnish the image of the company or an individual. This might also prove lethal for the company if not checked on time.

Pushing negative links in the lower ranking of the search engine result pages

Some issues might not be easy to address as they might be spread by rivals intentionally. ORM services aids to guard in such scenario by pushing negative links down and bringing forth positive reviews and comments.

Circulating positive PRs

This is to counter the false allegations and complaints. This way edata4you will help maintain an irrefutable image of the targeted organization before the audience.

Our list of add on services:
  • Hotel reputation management
  • Hospital reputation management
  • Brand reputation management
  • Celebrity reputation management

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