Email Marketing

Email marketing is not a new concept whatsoever, but there are still plenty of businesses that are not materializing on this very essential tool of digital marketing. edata4you has come as your one stop resort to all your queries that include:

  • If my mail be considered as spam
  • Is it waste of time
  • Is it going to be helpful for the respective business

edata4you undertakes all sort of email marketing that comprise

Promotional Emails

It is meant to depict any promotion that would have been ongoing and encourage customer to buy products ascertained to sale or low prices.

Regular Communications

These are way to stay in touch with the existing customers. This is an effective manner to build brand loyalty.

Advertisement Emails

It is on the same lines of promotional emails except that they are sent as postcard types that are colourful, catchy and engaging. These have limited information and only meant for advertisement purpose.

Roping in the series of edata4you for email marketing campaigns provides you the following benefits:

  • It augments the sale that you would have been witnessing.
  • It is an effective way to ensure that your businesses always on customers mind.
  • Usage of emails ensure that the customers are repeat customers.
  • It also proves to be great aid in ensuring that you are the respective business to turn to for a certain product or service.
  • You will be building and maintain relationship with customers by way of email communication.

edata4you undertakes a variety of programs as a way to send out mass emails to all your respective clients and customers. To list a few, we have

  • Constant contact
  • Campaigner
  • iContact
  • Mailigen

Undertaking the email marketing campaigns of edata4you offers you the below-listed benefits

  • Enhanced visibility
  • Investment in analytics
  • Lead all related conversation on social media
  • Emphasis on quality content
  • Ease at signing up for emails
  • Enhanced email automation and drip marketing
  • Double opt-in
  • Execution of email optimization process

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