Secrets of promoting a Facebook Fan Page revealed here

Secrets of promoting a Facebook Fan Page revealed here

Many people are eager to build custom apps exclusively for their Facebook pages. They like to be the admin and want others to read and see want they think.

They want their Facebook pages to reach an enormous audience. For this people want to make custom apps to promote the pages and some use Facebook itself as a medium for advertising their page.

The question is how to promote your page so that it reaches the maximum number of people on earth and without spending a dime? Yes, you heard it right, without spending a penny from your pocket.

There are many exceptional ways to spread the page around you, and let’s see some of the unique ways or secrets of promoting a Facebook fan page to get the attraction of the masses.

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  • For your app to be seen, it has to be constantly seen by the viewers.

The Facebook news feed shows the recent updates of the pages. So keep your page regularly updated so that your page constantly gets on the news feeds of the people.

The posts have to be attractive so that even at one glance, people read your posts.

  • Keep a beautiful good looking cover photo

The new and latest promotion guidelines prefer and refer the call-to-action which allows the copy and design of cover photo images.

This will change the complete advertising strategy of your pages and will increase your views dramatically and you can read tricks of social media optimization services.

What happens when you want to promote your app to your non-Facebook users? Evidently, the same approach cannot be used. Let’s see what are the other things that we can use.

  • You can send and promote your app by sending email to all the people in your list

Sure the people with exciting offers and the message has to be clear and has to be attractive. Subscribers may be minuscule or vast, don’t bother. Send it to all.

  • Twitter is another base to give your message a personal touch.

Give a short and sweet tweet every day for promotion. Share the news and tweet as much as you like and keep the track what the tweeters are saying.

  • Blogging is also another best option to promote your app.

Many people like to read blogs and know what’s going on in this world. Blogging is a medium that people need not have an account. So keep a blogging site alive to lend you app away in their life.

You have made your extreme steps to let the people know about your app in your circle. What else can you ensure to promote it?

The world is still huge, and your small network of people are not sufficient enough for the reach.

Let’s see what other strategies that we can apply so that your app gains the audience.

  • Make a press release

Especially large companies deploy this method to sell their product. It comes as an official release so that all the audience can see what the company is to offer them.

Press release will account for larger public audience thus creating a wave of enthusiasm about your app among the crowd.

  • Make banners, pamphlets and notices

This is making you shell a bit of your money. Give a notice to all the customers in the stores indicating the details of the apps and make them visit the Facebook page that promotes your app.

Ask them to like your page thus increasing the subscribers and the audience reach.

The most important is how you utilize your contact and how you engage the existing customers. You need not spend money if you channel your strategy nicely and implement it in a well-planned way.

This is not the only options available to you. You too can have much better ideas than these. Implement it and get your app seen by all. Get, set, Launch.

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