Promotional Product Data Entry Services

Promotional Product Data Entry Services

eCommerce industry is the most rapidly emerged and continuously growing industry of this era and all the major manufacturers and suppliers of commonly used products are going online to market their products and get more and more buyers online.

eCommerce companies are launching hundreds of products each day and they require promotional product data entry service to market their products.

Promotional product data entry

It has become a very effective tool for all the e commerce ventures/companies. This market penetration strategy is very effective and brings good business to the companies.

Promotional products or items provide an effective means of reminding your customers and prospects about your company. Promotional or premium gift items are one of the most effective, long-term and cost-effective methods of advertising your company.

We at edata4you provide outsourcing service to all your product listing and data entry.

Our Promotional Product Data Entry Service Include:

  • Research on internet for product information
  • Selecting category and sub category of the products before entry
  • Addition or Removal of the products as per stock
  • Adding Watermark (logo) on product pictures
  • Adding meta properties of the products for SEO
  • Product Image background editing and renaming for SKUs
  • Product Image Re-sizing

Why to choose us for Promotional items data entry?

  • We have a dedicated team of experts for Promotional items data entry
  • We assist in planning the launch of online store and execute that effectively
  • We also provide image processing and image editing services apart from product entry
  • We can handle pre-establish Online Store for Maintenance and updates.
  • Excellent and experienced project managers to communicate