Productivity Vs getting things done

Productivity Vs getting things done

Productivity and getting things done are inter-related, but achieving productivity without prioritizing your work leads to wastage of time in doing work which is not important right now and delaying urgently required work.

Thus, indirectly it affects the overall productive work and it develops stress on individual for accomplishing the work, which has been piled up due to poor work scheduling.

The getting things done in contradiction to productivity are one of the time management technique created by David Allen.

Tasks priorities play an important role in GTD method, which helps in delivering the effective productive work without developing any kind of stress on individual.

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The productivity method involves

1. To make the list of the daily activities.

2. Decide the priorities of the work based on the importance and urgency.

3. Try to finish the small urgent task first and then unimportant task.

4. If there is a bigger task, then divide it into smaller one and try to complete it gradually one by one.

5. Do better work by taking time off.

6. Enhance your productive work through optimism.

Thus, the productivity without time management and with time management is quite different.

Getting things done will thus help to avoid time wasting in unproductive work, when the individual is trap with number of tasks together.

Using GTD, the individual can manage the work with great ease and comfort, thus results in enhancement of productivity.

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