OCR Services

Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Services

OCR with its full name is known as an Optical Character recognition. This form of technology transforms image files into text in either the ASCII or the Unicode format.

It captures data and converts them in to a form that can be handled by the computer. Organizations can use OCR technology to rapidly and accurately convert its paper based data into soft copies.

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Through this, it becomes much easier to edit, index and share a copy with others easily. When searching for documents data it becomes much easier. Besides OCR conversion a document can also be scanned and saved in the PDF format or any other.

Though this machine is expensive, doing the Optical Character Recognition Service and scanning service requires a company to have skilled personnel who are well versed with that technology.

To avoid errors, you can go economical by outsourcing Optical Character Recognition Services and Scanning Services.

Outsource Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Scanning Service to edata4you

As edata4you we help our clients with reducing their dependency on paper with our OCR Conversion and Scanning Services.

We capture and convert data with an Optical Character Recognition system which is additional accurate and quick than manual data entry edata4you has built an OCR system through a combination of modern scanners with the latest OCR software.

Our OCR conversion software has both the image acquisition and image enhancement technologies thus can also be modified to suit your requirements.

They can also read and scrutinize data unaided, distinguish between image and text and flawlessly analyze and convert each character into the ASCII code edata4you has the competence to handle all kinds of documents whether printed or hand written.

We have specialized staff that are well trained to completely understand the value you attach to your data. In doing this, the completed project is then put through a well detailed correction and cleanup process.

The end result will be quite impressive to you. Your files will have been captured and converted and your office will become paper free.

edata4you performs scans on every document regardless of whether form-based, text-based image-based, numeric based or they are of mixed-format. We have scanners having high resolution with automatic feeders and can perform both the black and white scanning.

We get to give you the chance to choose the resolution that you want from 300 dpi to 600 dpi and much more. Your scanned files will be saved in the format that will be compatible with your document and that you understand best.

In doing this your document will not have been tied to just one format. When through with conversion and scanning of your documents, we give you the option of downloading it from a secure FTP server or rather we will email you the finished product.

We do the OCR conversion (Optical Character Recognition Services) and scanning services at cheap rates that you can afford. For more information email us at services@edata4you.com