How To Make Sticky Widgets in WordPress

How To Make Sticky Widgets in WordPress

A Widget in WordPress is a small block in the Sidebar that displays a particular function. The Widgets are normally stuck on to Sidebars in a Webpage.

A Sidebar is a Widget – Ready Area on a Webpage.

The Widgets are one of the most important things in a WordPress Blog. It helps you to engage your blog visitors with different types of content.

The Widgets can be used for the following things:

  1. Display Categories
  2. Write Tags
  3. Facebook Like Box
  4. Google Plus Page
  5. Subscription Options
  6. Affiliate Products
  7. Display Prizes, Competitions or Give Aways
  8. Social Media Profiles

When you scroll any page, these Widgets also Scroll accordingly. However, if you want a Widget to stick to one position irrespective of the Scrolling limitation, you can use Fixed Widgets in WordPress Blog.

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There are many free plugins available in WordPress to make Fixed Widgets. We have listed some of them below:

  1. Q2W3 Fixed Widget

One of the most widely used plugin for Fixed Widget is Q2W3 Fixed Widgets. This Widget is developed by Max Bond. The Q2W3 Widget is quite easy with a very good navigation panel. It has been made especially for Beginners. It enables the Fixed Widget option for your Widgets in the Sidebar. It can be done with a click of a button. There’s not much complexity in this widget. It’s very Simple and Easy. This is an All in One Widget. This Sticky Plugin is compatible with WordPress version 3.3 or higher and has more than 70,000 active installations.

  1. SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle

This is one of the most downloaded plugins in the Sticky Widgets category. This Plugin gives you a number of options and features which helps to manipulate your Widgets in the Sidebar. It provides a collection of Widgets that you can select from. It includes many features such as:

  1. Image Widgets
  2. Google Maps Widgets
  3. Call To Action Widget
  4. Slider Widget

This Widget is compatible with WordPress version 4.4.3 and currently has 5,00,000 + active installations.

  1. Recent Posts Widget with Thumbnails

This is another awesome plugin for developing Sticky Widgets in your WordPress Blog. Active Installations for this Plugin is 40,000 + and is developed by Martin Stehle. This is again a simple, lightweight and effective Sticky Widget plugin. This does not provide numerous widgets features or so. It focusses on Recent Posts and also can display the Thumbnails in the Widget section. This is one of the Best Widgets currently available. This Sticky Widget plugin is compatible up to WordPress version 4.5.2.

  1. Widget Context

This Sticky Widget focusses on Showing and Hiding Widgets on certain parts of a web page. This Widget currently has 40,000+ active installations. It also has options for section targeting by URLs (with wildcard support) for maximum flexibility. It includes options for Front Page, Posts, Archives, Search Bars and much more. This is again a Simple Designed widget with great stability. It supports WordPress version 4.0.11.

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