Long Tail Pro and Platinum Review (Long Tail Pro Cloud Rollout Update)

Long Tail Pro and Platinum Review (Long Tail Pro Cloud Rollout Update)

Hello Everyone!! This article is about the Review of Long Tail Pro and Long Tail Platinum Review.

I am using the Long Tail Pro Platinum version on www.edata4you.com

You might have the World’s Best Content on your website / blog. You may have optimized all the SEO features on your website. Still, you may not be getting the desired Search Engine Rankings.

This is probably because of Wrong and Unidentified Keywords Placement.

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Importance of Keywords in SEO:

Keyword Research is an important tool that helps your website to get higher rankings on Search Engines. It is important as it helps the Search Engines to Index and Crawl Data accordingly and thereby present the Users with the respective websites that matches their Keywords. Hence, it is very important to have you keywords perfect so that it matches the User’s Searches Online and helps to get you higher ranking on Search Engines such as Google, Bing and others. It is therefore, important that your website must be optimized for Target Keywords.

LongTail pro Reviews

It is always important to target right keywords and Keyword Phrases instead of targeting Single Keywords.

Well, I have good news for you!! 

You don’t need to work hard now to find the Keywords on the Internet using different tools. All you need is an Application Software that is built specifically for Keyword Research.

This is Long Tail Keyword Research Tool. This tool comes in two different variants:

  1. Long Tail Pro Version
  2. Long Tail Platinum Version

Long Tail Pro is one of the best Keyword Research Tool in the market and it consists of all the features that once can expect from such an application software.

Features of Long Tail Pro:

1. Extensive Keyword Research Tool

It can find up to 850 keywords per seed keyword. It has the ability to capture literally thousands of keywords within a few seconds.

2. Real – Time Filtering:

It can Filter Search Engine Results by Suggested CPC Bids, Advertiser Competition, Keywords, Local and Global Monthly Searches and Overall Competition. It also provides a Hyper-Target List of Keywords according to the Filters. 

3. Competition Analysis:

Instead of wasting time on finding the Keywords yourself, you can make use of Long Tail Pro which quickly analyses the Top 10 results on Google Search Engine for particular keywords that you input.

4. Exact Match Domain Checking:

If you are looking to build a Niche Website or a particular Blog and want to match the seed keyword with your domain for an Exact Match in the Search Engine Results, Long Tail Pro is definitely a must-buy for you. You can use it to check if there is any Domain that exactly matches your keywords in the list.

5. Pay-Per-Click Analysis:

With Long Tail Pro, you can check the PPC for keywords. Its a major factor for determining lucrative markets. Its helps to ascertain what advertisers are intending to pay for displaying Advertisements. 

6. Rank Checker:

We already told you that Long Tail is one of best Complete Software. It has an in-built feature to check Search Ranking Solutions. So, you need not spend extra money on this. You can manage Domain and Search Term Ranking and Trends on 3 of the most popular and important search engines: Google, Yahoo and Bing. 

7. Exporting Results:

Long Tail Pro is tightly integrated with Spreadsheet functionality within the software. This tool therefore helps you to save the data into a spreadsheet which you can review later or even you can send it to a client. 

8. Adding Notes:

Notes are a great way to add ideas about a Keyword. In case you get an Idea of how you may use a particular keyword, you can write it down in the Notes section. This will help you to easily recall it later when you try and do brain-storming for it.

Long Tail Pro definitely helps you to increase Search Engine Rankings and helps to drive insane amount of traffic to your blog. I would therefore suggest you go for Long Tail Pro as it can certainly help you to get your Blog or Website to a better position and higher search rankings.

The Best Part is that Long Tail Pro is available as a Free Trail for 10 Days. So, you can use it and check if you’re satisfied with the Product.

Long Tail Pro provides a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee Too. If you’re not satisfied with the product, you will get a 100% refund without any question. This is therefore a Win-Win situation for clients.

How to use Long Tail Pro for Cloud Keyword Research

Long Tail has 2 versions: Pro and Platinum. We shall therefore list out the differences between both of them so that you can select the best out of these two:


Features Long Tail Platinum Long Tail Pro
Simultaneous Search of Multiple Seed Keyword Available Available
Pre-Filter Keywords Available Available
Google or Bing Title Competition Available Available
Check Website Rankings in Google, Yahoo, and Bing Available Available
Extra Features Available Unavailable
Import keywords List (up to 10,000 at once) Available Unavailable
Generate up to 800 results per Seed Keyword Available Available
Domain Serach Automation Available Available
Competitor Analysis on Top 10 Google Results Available Available
Note Favorite Keywords Available Available
Keyword Competitiveness Calculator Available Unavailable
Create custom calculations from keyword results (coming soon) Available Unavailable


Purchase Price:

Long Tail Pro:

You can get Long Tail Pro for $97 which is a One-Time Payment and it includes LifeTime Updates and Upgrades.

Long Tail Platinum:

Monthly: $97(One Time Payment) + $27(Per Month)

Annual: $397

Both of these palns include Free Lifetime Updates and Ugrades.

Believe me, this investing is going to reap you awesome benfits in terms of Search Engine Rankings and Monetary benefits.

Disclaimer: I have thoroughly used Long Tail Pro and hence I am reviewing all the things that I ahve noticed about it.

Long tail pro cloud rollout update read here: –  https://longtailpro.com/long-tail-pro-cloud-rollout-update/

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