Top 10 Email Marketing Plugins for Wordpress

Top 10 Email Marketing Plugins for Wordpress

Email Marketing is being used for several years, so a perception may take space in marketers mind that it has been obsolete. Well, it is not true. Email marketing is still effective in present time too. Many companies are taking benefit out of it.

The number of email id holders is increasing day by day, and it shows that the marketers have a lot to do with email marketing.

As we know that a huge number of people have hosted their websites or blogs on WordPress. I have compiled a list of list email marketing plugins for WordPress users.

List of Best Email Marketing Plugins:

These plugins are useful to increase the subscribers with high speed.

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1. MailChimp

MailChimp is one of the leaders in email marketing industry. Its huge customer base shows the satisfaction with MailChimp.

It offers world class service to the subscribers. With customer-centric service, it is serving around 7 million people around the world.

This plugin helps in creating, sending and tracking emails, and managing subscribers.

You can create a campaign to send the email whenever you update your blog. You can set different email templates and manage the auto-responders that send an email while a person subscribes to your email list.

MailChimp for WordPress plugin works best with its email marketing service. After installation of this plugin, you need to have an API to be connected with the MailChimp account.

2. LeadPages

LeadPages offers an amazing email marketing plugin. It helps in creating landing pages to build the list frequently.

Leadpages plugin comes up with several handy modules. The Leadboxes allows converting a link into a link that offers popover subscription form to collect the emails.

If you want to build your list frequently, the leadpages is the best option for you.

3. Email Newsletter Plugin

The Email Newsletter is also a great plugin. It allows sending emails to your commentators, subscribers, and registered users.

It gets you a space to compose an email. One of the best the things is that you can send a test email to any email to check the sending process.

4. Send it Newsletter

This plugin increases your productivity as an email marketer. It helps in creating a newsletter and getting subscribers to your blog or website.

You can work on multiple lists with this plugin. The short codes help to add the subscription form to any post or page.

A featured image can also be inserted into the email content to make it more attractive. The plugin makes sending emails very easy.

5. Mail Poet Newsletters
Mail poet is a simplified email newsletter sending plugin. It offers the best way to send the autoresponders. You get complete control over the email content you are sending to the subscribers. You can place the social icons, images in the email content as well as change the font of the matter.

The drag and drop feature in this plugin makes you able to do all the tasks frequently. The free version of this plugin is available only for 2000 subscribers.

6. OptinMonster
It is very popular WordPress email newsletter plugin, which has developed by the Syed Balki and Thomas Griffin.

This plugin is known for its lightweight comparison to the other available plugins. It is a module based plugin.

If you want to use one type of subscription box, you needn’t install the complete package.

The intent exit pop-up is the main feature of this plugin. It observes the mouse speed to guess the reader’s intent.

When the users are about the leave the site, a pop-up appears on the screen and grab the users’ attention.

The installation and setup of this plugin are very easy. After this process, you need to configure the plugin to set the right subscription box according to your need.

The admin gets all the customization options to catch the attention of users.

7. Subscribe2

Subscribe2 is a comprehensive email plugin for the bloggers who send the newsletters to the subscribers each time while they update their blogs.

Through this plugin, it becomes easy to send emails to list of subscribers.

8. Sendpress
Sendpress email newsletter plugin developers believe that the email marketing should not rely on any third party service. They want to provide all the facility under the WordPress area. Instead of providing multiple features for email sending, this plugin focuses on the core features that are essential to send an email to the subscribers.

The sole purpose of this plugin is to make email marketing an easy process within WordPress.

9. WP Autoresponder and Newsletter Plugin

It is such a nice Autoresponder and Newsletter plugin. Its purpose is to replace the need of a paid email subscription plugin.

You do not need of any license to use this plugin. With this plugin, you can generate multiple lists, offer email subscription without having any third party service, import your subscribers, generate many subscription forms, add a subscription box to the sidebar and many other tasks can be easily performed through this plugin.

10. Mail List

The mail list is an awesome email newsletter plugin with better customization availability.

It’s customized subscription forms can be implemented with the Ajax. Easy email creation and sending process make it one of the best email plugin.


It is undoubtedly a great List of Best Email Marketing Plugins for WordPress. The email marketing is useful in growing your business clients.

If you are running a blog, it will help you in building a list of loyal followers. The professional internet marketers always recommend creating a list from the first day of blogging.

Email marketing is the great source of regular visitors to your blog or website. Most of the times, emails get noticed by the people, and you become able to generate leads and improving conversions.

Therefore, you should take advantage of it. Hopefully, you will get the better results.

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