Industry Focus

Industry Focus

With a very strong determination and diligence from our leadership team and employees, eData4You is a complete software solutions and IT Consulting provider to startups. We not only help startups in building a great tool for internet consumers, but also mentor them in business expansion and ‘Go To Market’ strategies. We maintain high standards be it client communications, researching, designing, development, updation and maintenance. We have experienced clients from various industry verticals like Online Retail, Finance and Accounting, Insurance, Mortgage, Law Firms, Manufacturing, Medical and Healthcare, Publishing, Technology, Travel, Real Estate, Shipping and Logistics, etc.

Major Industries We Serve

We provide best in class data entry, data management and data processing services to all industry verticals but below mentioned industries are our area of core expertise.

Healthcare Industry

We at, eData4You, offer data entry and data management services for hospitals and other healthcare companies, to save their valuable and offer them best in class services at affordable prices. Entering data into a health information system is a core function of the job. Other duties may include collecting data from various sources, maintaining electronic records and logs, running reports, filing paperwork, and operations.

Real Estate Industry

Real Estate is the most growing industry across the and the dynamics of the real estate industry brings an information overload to the companies – legal paperwork, sales details, property valuation details and the list goes on. To get information on your fingertips and leverage the benefits of organized information, leverage our data entry services. We at Edata4you, offer best in class data management, data entry and data processing services to the clients located across the globe. We have served more than 50 customers globally so far.

Education Industry

Today, educational institutions need to manage large volumes of data and IT has replaces all the manual copies into soft copies which not only save money but also the resources and time. Periodic changes and updating of data is a given in this scenario. To effectively manage this process, an increasing number of global educational institutions are outsourcing their requirements for data entry work. We, at eData4You, take care of the end-to-end data entry process and ensure that the end result is of a high quality.

Banking & Finance

At eData4You, we have been serving as a virtual back office to many banks around the world that have outsourced their bookkeeping and accounting needs. We also specialize in providing personalized banking services to financial institutions of all sizes. We have dedicated team of expert data entry and management executives who provide a 24 by 7 support and service.


One of the most promising industries of these days is Ecommerce – young, vibrant and growing. We have specialized data entry and back end support team of manages 50s of online stores right from our office. If you are the owner of an online store, give us try and you will find us awesome at our job.

Data Management

Systematic storage of data with instant reference obtained whenever needed the most will result in multiple benefits for sure. Standard data maintenance policies implemented by seasoned experts will prove to be most effective to you in accordance with the diverse needs you got. Multiple platforms chosen for data management in an efficient fashion will prove to be highly beneficial to you in accordance with the diverse needs you got on the whole for outsource data entry projects.


Travel writing is basically at ravel guide and representation of a traveler’s personal experience and his ideas and commentary of the journey he/she undertakes. It’s a detailed description of the destination, the people and the experiences encountered on the road. One needs a very open minded approach to be able to write an account of his/her travel. To be able to emulate the exact culture, tradition and the countless charms of a place in to a written account or an article needs acceptance of facts and culture and a genuine love to travel and unravel the infinite beauties of nature. Well we are not limited to this, we are always keen to take new challenges and prove ourselves competent. Being a data entry service provide we do understand very well the importance of you valuable data and its precise processing or management. We do our best to make you have and satisfied with our high quality and on-time delivery services, which has made us the most proffered service provider of the industry. We would like to serve you with best of capabilities, if given a chance, we will not disappoint you. We offer trial services to our new clients to let them understand our way of working