3 Most Important Email Marketing Strategies & Tactics

3 Most Important Email Marketing Strategies & Tactics

With over 144 billion e-mails sent every day it becomes a challenge to make an impression that your e-mail gets a click. How do you plan to separate your e-mails from the rest, this is a question every marketing professional needs to ask themselves? When it comes to email marketing, there are three key factors that are to be kept in mind, more like tactics to stand out, close the sale and win over the other 144 billion e-mails.

In this article, we will discuss three tactics for winning a war of email marketing:

1) Headlines: Keep it vague and Short

Successful e-mails are those which gets open. To get the recipient to open your email you have to carefully, strategically frame a headline (subject) of your e-mail. Headlines have just one objective, which is to get the recipient to open your email. But that’s easier said than done. According to the e-mail marketing giant software- Mail chimp, it is duly noted that across all major industries, the open rates of e-mails range from 17-28 percent. So, it means that only one out of four people open your e-mail and we are not even taking the fact whether or not they read your e-mail. Optimizing your headlines is the challenge and also overcoming that challenge gets your email read by your recipients, at least by most of them. Framing a headline is not that hard. Just keep in mind the two ‘mantras’ while crafting your headline- Keep it short and vague.

Debatably, the finest headline in email marketing past was sent during Obama’s very first presidential campaign, which outstretched $690 million online for the campaign. Wondering what it was? It was, “Hey”. Surprisingly the headline was simply, “Hey”. The question is why was it a success? It all narrows down to psychology, which states that you’re more likely to click and open emails with those headlines that are generally in your inbox from your acquaintances, friends, family or colleagues.

2) Content and Offers Mix is Perfect

Email marketing has been acknowledged as “dead” more times than we can tally. The fact is that it is very much alive and is immortal. E-mail is the contributor in the highest ROI across the whole digital marketing space, the reason being, dollar for dollar. Email marketing is only the inexpensive method in which you can directly reach your target audiences. According to the Digital Marketing Association found that email marketing has a ROI of 4,300 percent.

Learn, Earn and Educate Community


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While email isn’t dead, the radiant days of email marketing are. I’m alluding to the time in the 1990’s when advertisers and marketers would immerse us with each offer, coupon and arrangement possible. Be that as it may, it worked and advertisers were making rolls of cash spamming their messages. Today that doesn’t work – we’re substantially less helpless to spam messages, channels can keep our inbox clean and there are even laws (like the CAN SPAM Act) set up to shield us from undesirable messages.

Indeed, even with these obstructions, how might you make email marketing the most effective apparatus in your advanced advertising system? Notwithstanding deals, coupons and arrangements, add esteem driven-substance to your email marketing effort.

On the off chance that your email promoting effort is “offer, offer, offer”, will destroy your supporters. They will get exhausted with your offers and inevitably withdraw. This is known as email spamming and insights demonstrate that it can prompt a decay of around 25 percent of your endorsers every year.

The approach various marketers take to diminish mingling is to build outline with regards to developing their rundown of supporters. In any case, from a cost point of view, it’s less expensive to continue existing clients returning than procure new ones. To hold your spamming rate down, you have to keep those current clients intrigued. That is the place substance can offer assistance. Utilize content as a way to teach and educate your clients, without offering. Here are a couple of thoughts to kick you off:

  • Curate a main 10 rundown of intriguing industry articles and impart them to your endorsers. Moz, a SaaS organization, makes an extraordinary display with regards to this with their “Moz Top 10” pamphlet.
  • Mix curated content and your own particular blog content in with your business messages. HuckBerry, an internet business store, does this at the base of their messages.
  • For certain messages, make instruction a need over deals. Extravagance skincare organization Yon-Ka Paris utilizes this procedure to teach shoppers about the treatment choices they offer notwithstanding the items they offer.

3) Test Everything

When it is about email marketing, you have the ability and opportunity to test almost everything and obtain instantaneous and immediate feedbacks. This empowers you and allows you to regularly learn and improve your e-mail campaigns based on your analysis. The convenient tests that can be run are popularly known as split or A/B tests. In this test as you are sending out two emails or more variations of e-mails, you get an opportunity to record the reactions of your recipients to your different types of e-mails and hence, you can analyse which type is the better option to continue with and which approach to eliminate.

The overall subject of this post is this: don’t treat your supporters like endorsers, treat them like genuine individuals. Converse with them the way their companions, family, and additionally collaborators do, impart important substance to them, take in more about them through experimentation, and you’ll observe email marketing to be your best showcasing channel.

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