How to Make Your Ecommerce Store More Visitors Friendly

How to Make Your Ecommerce Store More Visitors Friendly

We have seen ecommerce store website is for getting the customers at large. If you want more customers then you should make your website visitors friendly.

For doing so there are 4 points which should be focused upon. These points will not only make your website user friendly but would also make your website successful. So, have a look:-

1. No need of using splash page: You would have noticed many websites showing up things like Please click here to enter or welcome to or hit on the button. This all is rubbish.

If customers have did not want to visit your site, they would not have come here. You are wasting their time and making them feel irritated. Make your website plain and simple.

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Customers do not have time to waste on clicking unnecessary buttons. Simple and easy ways are always beneficial.

2. No need of using a lot of banners: Too much of banners leave customers confusing. It is always trained to the website designers that never use too much of banners while designing any website.

Banners are like unnecessary salesman coming up to your door facing you to buy products. You want people to like your website naturally not forcefully.

Give only that information which is required. People are known to internet branding. They do not require clicking on every single flash which appears in front of them.

3. Navigating website properly: Navigating website should be easy. It is not required to make your website unnecessary complicated. The visitors should easily find the information which they are searching on your website.

There are many e-commerce websites which are very confusing. For example they say click here for xyz information, take your cursor to the right for this information etc. this all is useless.

Just focus on what can be served in hands of the visitors. This is the biggest mistake made by website designers while designing the website. You should create good content, which can easily be understood by the visitors.

Multiple drop-down menus is an old concept now. Try for some new and attractive methods. Do not hide anything. Make it open and clear.

4. Stop using forced music: As you enter some websites, the most common issue is that unnecessary music. You click on the website and music starts. It is not compulsory that every visitor would like to hear the music.

Sometimes it may scare visitors. If you have any video on your website, and if visitor wants to watch the same, then give them an option to put on and off the music.

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