How to decrease Alexa ranking fast of website 2017? (updated)

How to decrease Alexa ranking fast of website 2017? (updated)

One of the major objectives of bloggers is to achieve an improved Alexa ranking for their websites and blogs. Alexa ranking matters because it reflects the quality of your blog and makes it globally recognized.

And this is why most of the bloggers strive harder to get good Alexa ranking. But most, if the newbie bloggers fail to understand Alexa’s strategy to rank to blog and some of them are not at all aware of what Alexa rank is.

So we are mentioning a few but important tips on how to decrease Alexa ranking fast which might be of great help.

1) Register your site to Alexa

 The first step is to register and claim your site in Alexa. You need to verify your site in order to get your site approved by them. Once your site is registered Alexa will start ranking your site from the first level.

2) Add Alexa widget to blog

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Alexa will provide you a widget to be placed in your site. The widget displays your current Alexa global rank and the rank within your country. This helps visitors recognize your ranking in Alexa and increase your blog’s popularity.

3) Update your site frequently

Update your blog regularly and frequently in order to decrease your Alexa rank.

Posting daily updates is very necessary in order to improve your ranking because the most frequently you post, the more your chances increase to get a decreased Alexa rank.

4) Post unique and quality contents

Any tip on how to decrease Alexa ranking fast is to write unique and quality contents for your site.

Google might penalize your site if they find duplicate contents and Alexa too do not pay any heed to contents which are not unique there some useful article writing tips you must read.

5) Use Alexa toolbar

Using the Alexa toolbar also helps improve your site ranking. It calculates the number of visitors your site is getting and gives maximum exposure to your site.

6) Get more Alexa backlinks

Alexa backlinks are crawled by the Alexa bot and you can find it out by checking the Alexa statistics of other sites where you’ll see the backlinks.

You just need to follow those links to decrease your Alexa ranking and don’t forget to apply on page seo optimization tricks on your every web page.

7) Become an Alexa pro member

In the free version of Alexa, several features are locked, so buying the pro account will unlock those features.

Using the pro version of Alexa will give you access to unlimited demographics, social metrics, historical traffic trends, downstream sites, keyword research, and organic and paid keyword insights.

8) Social exposure

Promote your site to social networks including Facebook, Twitter, and Linked in order to get more exposure and geo-targeted visitors. Social networks are a powerful tool to increase a site’s visibility.

So now when you have learned a lot about how to decrease Alexa ranking fast, you can start implementing the tricks on your blog.

Using these tips will help your site improve its rankings and provide maximum visibility to your site in search engine rankings. If you are new in the blogging industry then this article will be very beneficial for you.

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