High PR free article submission sites list 2016

High PR free article submission sites list 2016

Article submission sites are an effective and very efficient tool for creating traffic and play a very crucial and major role in bringing quality back links to the site.

Many start-ups and bloggers make the mistake of neglecting the power of article submission sites.

These article publishing sites can promote and market your contents so that they reach wider audiences.

When a user search for a free article in one of the free article submission sites, the user can see the source and link to the site from which the article is originated.

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This way you can gain more traffic to your sites, and if the user uses the content he will mention your site and thus you gain back links also.

But for a beginner blogger and start-ups companies, it is not advised to spam with contents on every websites just for a few back links.

Using these submission websites in the right way and with the right article is very important for high quality back links and for more traffic.

Before you start the process of marketing the contents, it is important to check the article twice for its uniqueness.

It should have proper spelling and proper grammar and should pass the plagiarism check or else the content will be rejected by the moderators.

Providing fresh, interesting and informative articles will easily survive in this article submission websites.

Some of the top free article submission websites has been included below for the benefit of content marketing strategy.

1. ideastap.com

with a page rank of 6, this is the most popular and favourite PR submission website with hundreds and thousands of articles uploaded by expert and professional writers.

2. ezinearticles.com

with a page rank of 6, this is neck to neck with Ezinearticles.com and is recommended by many experts and professionals. More than thousand experts submit their articles which are short and precise to the point.

3. carbonmade.com

With a similar page rank of 6, this website is also proffered by many bloggers and start-ups.

4. svbtle.com

this is basically a search engine for finding various newsletters and magazines and other related articles. Launched on 28th March, 2008 this is site has a page rank of 6.

5. new-list.com

with a page rank of 5, this site brings motivating and engaging contents and articles published by experienced and professional writers.

6. articlecity.com

with a page rank of 5, this site provides great opportunity for both publishers and readers. This site boasts of more than a million of fun and unique contents which are availed to the readers across the globe at an absolute free cost.

7. articlealley.com

with a page rank of 5, this site provides an open platform for both people who are passionate for writing and for those who are passionate of reading great and unique contents.

If you are trying hard to get backlinks to grow your blog, but don’t want to spend any money on it, then be sure to try out these free PR article submissions sites for obtaining free backlinks and increased web traffic to your blog.

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