Guarantee - A Promise to Reflect Care

Guarantee - A Promise to Reflect Care

Whenever we purchase anything, we always look out for its guarantee before purchasing. Same goes for online purchase, whenever someone buys something from your website they aspect a guarantee for the product or service. The guarantees is the second word for security or minimizing the risk. With the guarantee, the product is get ensured from being a malfunction, and the customer becomes more confident towards their purchase. There are many types of guarantees which are given in market like, ‘money back guarantee’ or like ‘free trial before buying’ but which is suitable for your customer or your product??

Today am sharing those guarantees which will surely grab the attention of your visitor and tell them about how legit or reliable your product is.

Here are some Guarantee which will surely grab the attention of your visitor:

1. Lifetime Guarantee

As the name suggest, it is one the best and long lasting kind of guarantee in the market. This guarantees promises the customer that if any time in life the customer feels that they are not entirely satisfied with the purchase they had made, they can always return the product back for refund or credit by the policy. This type of guarantee reduces any potential risk of the customer completely. It ensures the customer that by your product they are going to save much money, and they would never need to purchase the product ever again.

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2. Risk-Free

The risk-free guarantees is a type of trial guarantees in which the customer can try the product before actually purchasing it. After a period, if they are satisfied they will continue to use the product and have to pay, or in the case of dissatisfaction, the product can be returned within the grace period provided. So they won’t be charged for the product. This type of guarantee usually is associated with the products and services which are more high-priced, and customers usually get hesitant while buying those goods or services.

3. Full/ 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

The full/ 100% satisfaction guarantee promises that if the customer is not entirely satisfied with their purchase they can exchange the product or get their money back. This guarantee also allows the seller to have a second chance to save the deal and satisfying the customer with the exchange and by the refund. The seller ensures that the satisfaction of the customer is what valued the most.

4. Low Price Guarantee

This guarantee ensures the customer that the product they are buying is being sold at the lowest price on the market. It guarantees that for a given period if the customer finds the product for a lower price or if it goes on sale the difference between the amounts will be paid to the customer. By this policy, the company ensures that they can’t be beaten in the price comparison of the product which ultimately benefits the buyer.

5. Extreme Guarantee

Some businesses that take the bold move by providing some absolute guarantees or unbeatable offers like low price, free shipping, free back office support, free exchange or return all in one package. They are known as extreme guarantees. These guarantees can get you costumes for a lifetime. But you have to be sure and confident about your product if you are thinking of making these guarantees to your customers.

Guarantees are the perfect way to grab the attention of your customer. It reflects like you are ready to go miles to make your customers happy with their purchases. Do imply the guarantee which associates with your product without fearing of returns or exchanges. A satisfied customer will speak for your product itself, and you would get benefits in long term.

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