Top 10 Best SEO Tools of 2017

Top 10 Best SEO Tools of 2017

A good tool will always give good results in minimum efforts. You will end up spending more time with a not so good tool and the result will not be so satisfactory. So it is really important to have knowledge of good tools so that the work is done quickly with optimum results. Today I will be sharing with you my knowledge of free SEO tools that I have gained over the years. The list goes as follows:



A very powerful free SEO tool that will provide you the detail of keywords for which a website is ranking. It will give you the behind the scenes look at you and your competitors’ keywords or backlinks. You can also check your competitor’s website traffic, fix your website issues and more.

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Google Webmaster Tool

Google webmaster

Google Webmaster Tool, recently renamed as Search Console provides you with the detailed report of visibility of your website pages on Google. This is the best free SEO tool to track the website health issue and backlinks.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics

Google Analytics provides you the information of the type of traffic you get on the site, how visitor access your website (direct or social media), which pages are most popular in your site. It also provides the details of the keywords that your visitors use to land on your pages.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword helps you in researching keywords. It provides you with the monthly search volume of particular keyword, competition, suggest you new keywords and suggest ad-groups based on your keywords. It gives your keyword research a whole new dimension.


Moz Tool

It is a keyword research and link management tool that helps you in designing a top notch SEO campaign. MOZ has a complete toolkit, a resource center and a MOZ community for connecting with others who are managing similar SEO campaign. MOZ provides keyword research tool, SEO keyword generator and also provides detail information on your inbound links and link quality.


woorank tool

Woorank provides in-depth website analysis that reveals opportunity for improvement and optimization. It provides detailed report of existing SEO initiative, social media, usability and much more. Woorank provides the option to download the reviews in PDFs.



Ahrefs is known as a ‘backlink cheker’. It is a comprehensive suite of social media and SEO tools that will help you understand your competitor’s and your own content better. It provided new content ideas, helps in analysis and building backlinks, provides information on link profile of your competitors and providing an overview of strength and weaknesses of you and your competitor’s site.

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog

Screaming Frog is specifically designed web crawler for SEO. It provides critical date in just a few minutes. Reports on redirects, Meta tags, headers, in and out links, anchor text and details about follow and no follow links. It also allows you to generate XML sitemap.

SEO Quake


SEO Quake is a free Firefox add-on, also available for Chrome and Opera. It shows a huge number of different SEO parameters for any webpage like Google Page Rank, Domain Age, Alexa Rank, Bing Index, Google Index. The results can also be made visible on SERPs.

Website Penalty Indicator

Website Penalty Indicator

This tool is for checking Google penalty. It shows if your website is hit by a recent or a historic penalty and its impact on your site in terms of traffic and ranking. It checks penalty on 10 different domains. This tool also enables you to analyse your competitors if they are hit by any penalty.


As we all know that there are hundreds of free SEO tools in the market, since it is not possible to discuss all of them so have mentioned a few of them. Hope this list will help in selecting the best tool for your SEO campaign. Also would like to request everyone, if there is any tool you feel that should be on this list that I missed, please share.

Looking forward to your feedback.

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