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At edata4you, we are very clear about our motive and idea of work. We base everything on the requirement of the client and make sure that they are left satisfied. We will definitely meet your expectations because of our working strategy of close coordination and cooperation. Given below is a list of questions that might arise in you about edata4you. We have answered most of it, making it as informative as we could. Here is frequently asked Questions to give you an insight and better understanding.

What is the way to reach and communicate with eData4you?

eData4you provides 24 x 7 Support services. You can reach and communicate with us at any time with the help of E-mail, Skype, Yahoo and Phone..

Phone Support?

We offer instant support over the phone, helping to solve your queries quickly.

Email Support?

We are really quick at our email support services, so if you have a problem, write to us.

Remote Support?

We also offer remote support by accessing your PC online; please call us to know more.

Live Chat Support?

We offer live chat support to offer the convenience to our clients by being online 24 by 7

Forum Support?

You can always refer to our forum and get your queries answered from other users.

What is the working hours of eData4you?

eData4you works Monday to Friday between shift hours 9am to 6pm and 9pm to 6am. If your business needs then we work on Saturday and Sunday as well with some extra charge.

What is the payment methods that we accept?

For payment we have using Pay pal and Wire Transfer.

What about the security of Data?

We bind our employees to be confidential in whatever they do as well as are entering into an NDA with our clients and all our employees. We also do a work Agreement for a long term business relation.

Where can I find BPO jobs in Delhi?

BPOs have many specialties, so the main issue is to match your skills with the needs of a particular company. Contacting BPOs one by one by phone is the first logical step.

How do I find a data entry job?

There are data entry companies scattered throughout India. Many online directories will list data entry jobs and call centre jobs.

Where can I find medical billing entry level jobs?

Just contact medical billing companies, or read the classifieds for entry level medical billing jobs. It helps if you are certified and have passed a test or examination in medical billing.

What are the best call centres in Delhi?

Who can say what the best call centre / best call centre, or top call centre is. Some call centres are large, while others are more cozy. What counts is how well you get along with the others and how well you match the call centre job.

Delineate your areas of expertise?

We have sound and tested expertise in the following areas of data content management paradigms: • Data Entry Services • Data Processing Services • Data Conversion Services • Image Scanning and Indexing • Data Capturing Services • Form Processing Services • Data Mining Services • Insurance Claim Processing • Data Cleansing • Check Processing • PDF Conversion • Book Conversion • XML Conversion • And many more

What is the process you follow as a part of your pre-sales efforts?

Once you have made an inquiry, you will be responded to immediately by our sales team. We shall send you a detailed profile of your project as understood by us, a price estimate and other related technical specifics.

What is the process you follow as a part of your post-sales efforts?

On order confirmation, we carve out the scope of the task, based on consultation with the clients. This scope is nothing but the composite task definition, based on its technical and functional specifications. We also provide you with the time frame for completion of task and the event points in the process map we have charted out. The actual process of execution is then started. To know more about Data Entry/Data Processing Process Model.

How does the client keep track of the progress of his/her project?

The project, after confirmation, comes under the complete purview of the Project Manager. He/she is available at all times for all your queries and information updates about your project. Moreover, we have a 24 hour helpline to keep you in the loop regarding the development on your project. We will have a progress report sent to you on a weekly or biweekly.

What are the communication means that you are accessible from?

We can be contacted through phone, fax, email and post.

What is the average turnaround time for projects?

As per project

Do I have any choice about when I perform my work?

In general, you can do your work any time you choose. There are a few exceptions however where client turnaround requirements impact the timing of our work.

Are there any requirements about where I do my work?

You can perform your work anywhere you have a connection to the Internet. We have set up data entry site on the Internet that you will log onto. We recommend a DSL or cable modem connection. After entering your user ID and password, you will choose from a list of projects. Each project has its own data entry screen. The data you enter will be immediately stored on the web server. When you are done working, just log off.

How does eData4you know how much work I did?

When you log in to our data entry system, you will be required to enter a user name and password. Your user name will be recorded as part of the data for each document you process, thus giving us an accurate count of your work. This also gives us an audit trail for quality assurance and control.

May I get other people to perform the work for me?

Yes, but only if you provide direct supervision, they sign Axiom’s confidentiality agreement, and you provide evidence of having performed appropriate criminal background checks.

Is there a quota I must satisfy?

In general, our contractors specify how much work they are able to do and we try to provide them the amount they want. However, the amount of work we receive from our clients varies from week to week, so there is no guarantee we can always provide the full amount requested. Most of our contractors perform work for us on a part-time basis with the average commitment ranging from 20-25 hours per week.

Are there any fees I must pay?


Do I have to buy any new software?

If you use a Mac, you will need to purchase a Remote Desktop client in order to connect to our network. Otherwise you will not need any special software.

Why do I need a high speed Internet connection?

All of our work involves typing from scanned images. The images require a fast connection in order to be displayed quickly. If you have a slow connection, it will take too long for the images to be displayed and you will be wasting a lot of time.

What are your pricing models?

Our pricing models are flexible. Depending upon your requirements and budget, you can go for the fixed cost model or choose to pay on an hourly basis. In both the cases, the scope and size of the project determines the price.

How do you receive payment?

All clients based outside India can wire us the money through International SWIFT transfers; we will receive the money on the same day. For a project worth less than $ 0000, twenty five per cent of the money has to be paid in advance. In case a project is worth more than $ 0000, you must pay in advance fifteen per cent of the money.

What are your working hours?

At eData4You, a eight hour day time shift is followed by another eight hour shift in the night. We, thus, have an eighteen hour work day. This, along with the fact that Indian time is many hours ahead of European and United States’ time, puts us at a special advantage. While you sleep, we turn around your projects.

How do you communicate with your clients?

Over Skype, phone and email. We are always available to answer your queries and update you on the progress of a project. All our Project Managers are very effective communicators and can comprehensively deal with all your concerns and questions.

What is the project development life cycle at eData4You?

We begin by developing a thorough understanding of your vision, goals and requirements. Once past this stage, we translate them into a coherent blueprint. The blueprint helps us to choose a solution for you or adapt a solution suitably to meet your requirements. The next stage is one in which we assemble a team to implement the solution. Our professionals are extremely versatile and we can easily put together teams for projects which need multiple kinds of domain expertise and skills.

Why work with eData4You?

We have been around for over a decade and a half and have a vast experience of diverse industry verticals and domains. We understand technology, processes and business and are capable of devising the most ingenuous solutions. We have on our rolls programmers, business analysts, designers, quality analysts and network administrators who are some of the best and brightest of their respective fields. We have helped clients from all over the world get the maximum ROI.

How Can We Help You?

In case the above information does not clarify all your doubts and you need to know more, please contact us at services@edata4you.com We are always ready to answer your queries and explicate our methods and solutions to you.

Have any questions we din’t answer? Write us! services@edata4you.com