11 Ways To Enhance Your Content Marketing Campaigns

11 Ways To Enhance Your Content Marketing Campaigns

A considerately created content marketing strategy is the soul of your content marketing promotion. It is a popular belief these days that, content is king and it takes every marketing strategy forward with it. Without impeccable content, it is practically difficult to advance your reach on the internet and engage with your target group. In this write up, you’re going to know about easy-but-not-frequently-used methods in which you can augment your content marketing promotions.

11 Methods That Will Make Your Content Marketing Campaign Go Viral

1) Have a Tactical Approach

To start off with, you should have a plan. It’s marvellous to determine how many entrepreneurs don’t have a strategy at all. Most of them are clueless about their actions/plans, why they’re doing it; and what is the value proposition for their campaign or business. You need to ensure that you have a solid knowledge of what your content marketing strategy is expected to bring and set a genuine timeline for it.

2) Have a documented strategy for content marketing

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The top B2B content marketers say that they have a standard strategy. Those without a documented strategy claim that their content marketing for them is a real struggle and proven to be ineffective. It’s good to have a strategy in place, however documenting the strategy and thereby tracking it is entirely different thing altogether. As a content writer or marketer, you’re habitually dealing with a surplus data. The data that you are dealing with day in and day out are those ideas and information which get characterised in text, images and different types of media. With so much information, it becomes imperative to have a documented strategy and thereby classify them depending on your implementation objectives – here you need to know that this is a time consuming factor. One way to lift your efficiency as a content marketer is to influence some of the top apps and software tools. Though many of these are more work than help, exploiting a few in your writing regime can make a significant difference. Tools to help with spell check, word choice, and tense can certainly reduce hours off time you will spend on writing.

3) Have a team huddle time and again

Implementing any content marketing promotion can never be a one-man-battle. You definitely require a team which comprises of experienced and skilful professionals who will help you in achieving your targets and keep the momentum going. As a marketer you need to ensure that every one in your team is at the same page and this can only be achieved by having regular team huddles. The most effective marketers have team meeting either daily or weekly, and that’s the best practice. You need to ensure that these meetings have a fruitful discussion and thereby you get a clear picture of what will be the further roadmap. Team meetings are the best way to brainstorm about your product and how you can take things ahead.

4) Team Effort matters; It’s not a one man show 

Individual marketers are really efficient when it comes to contribution to your team and campaigns. But considering them to be a one man army is really inappropriate. It becomes difficult for them to run mid-to-large scale promotions all alone. As part of your business culture, impart a sense of responsibility to your team that this is a collective effort. Individuals can and infact are always be renowned & compensated for their individual performance, but they one thing that everyone must understand is that the result of a team is bigger than the amount of the contribution coming from an individual employee.

5) There has to be an objective for every campaign

Content marketing is not just writing about stuff that your organization does or has. It is a general goal and most importantly every campaign that you run must have an explicit intention that adds to the success of your overall tactic. It must be above and beyond the idea of increasing leads or sales. It has to be something you can gauge in an explicit time period. That being said, it is also important for you to have realistic business goals. Hence it is important for you to assess, measure, track and regulate your campaigns intermittently.

6) Important to keep tracking the right metrics

As part of your content marketing plan, make sure that you are checking time and again the right data-points. Ensure that those data-points are intended to directly run your complete business objective. So for example, talking about traffic numbers become irrelevant when they do not convert into potential customers or lead to sales.

7) Be more customer centric and keep them happy

Be it content marketing or any other form marketing, the focus of them should your customers. Create a content marketing strategy which is keyword-driven. However here you need to ensure one very important thing that your end consumers are getting something out of your campaigns. If there is nothing that your customers are getting out of your campaigns then chances of you getting into trouble manifolds by leaps and bounds.

8) Be Cautious Of Google

One thing is for sure – Content Marketing has to be focussed on customers and everything that you do or every campaign that you run has a lot to do with your customers. That being said you will also have to be upbeat with the algorithmic changes that Google keeps on doing time and again. This the the reason why you should keep a close an intermittent watch on the most recent changes Google keeps on making in the search algorithm. This can be achieved by closely watching and following the forums of Google webmasters. There is a lot to learn from these forums so keep following them and make sure to implement the changes in your campaigns.

Important Note – Whatever content you produce or publish should adhere to the standards of Google. Google has explicit content policy and is very strict when it comes to the implementation of these policies. In cases when the standards are not met there is a huge chance of you not being able to run any campaign further. It could very well cost you your place in the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) rankings if you fail to do so. This the last thing that you would expect to happen to all the hardwork that you have put in to strategize your content marketing campaigns. So follow them and get the best possible results.

9) Have a Concrete Marketing Plan in place for better results

Content marketing isn’t just about writing and sharing content. It’s about having a definitive plan for essentially dispensing it. Your marketing plan should focus on the numerous circulation channels and how you’re going to make the best use of them. These channels are essentially social media platforms primarily Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. However you need to know that content of every type will not fit every social media because of the audience that uses them. Instagram is dominated by millennial generation hence content which is their focus area such as fashion, pets, and photography is something that will create a buzz. Facebook on the other hand focusses on all sorts of content but primarily on entertainment front. Twitter, the microblogging site, has always been downplayed but is yet again effective if you can summarize the content in 140 characters. As far as LinkedIn is concerned you have to be professional here because of the nature of audience using this platform. Twitter and Instagram will prove to be effective only if you use the right hashtags. So when starting off a campaign on twitter or Instagram make sure you have the right hashtags in place so that the content gets discovered by the right set of audience giving your brand a better leverage. Each product is different and will require a different marketing plan that supports your business aims.

10) Have the knowledge of Calculating the ROI of your campaigns

It does not matter whether you are an experienced marketer or not when it comes to the financials. The financials linked with a content marketing campaign are generally very huge and there is a strong possibility that a lot of the money involved in running that campaign will go haywire and unaccounted for. This the reason why as an experienced marketer your company will depend upon your knowledge of where the money is being spent and most importantly be ready to answer the question of your bosses when it comes to defining the ROI. This means that you will have to keep in account the entire money that has been spent on each campaign (big or small) and also what has been the end result of the money being spent. As an organization you would definitely not want to spend your money haywire so expect the same out from your bosses.

11) Want to know how do you calculate the ROI?

It becomes easier to measure the reach, impact and engagement of your campaigns when you have the right set of tools and you keep tracking your key performance indicators (KPIs). These data-points can then be plotted to conversion goals and its related value, which eventually brings revenue and sales. You need to know that it is not rare to have a negative ROI for a campaign when you start off. Over a period of time you will be able to achieve a positive ROI with your campaigns.


So these were 10 important tips that you as a content marketer should follow when starting off with your campaigns. Anything else that you wish to add? Feel free to comment.

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