Data Cleansing / Standardization Services

Data Cleaning and Standardization Services

It is the process of correcting and detecting corrupt and in accurate data from a database. It is altering data in the given storage record.

The other name for data cleansing is data cleaning or data scrubbing. Data cleansing is often confused with data purging but the main difference is that purging focuses on deleting data to form space for new data whereas cleansing focuses on accuracy of data.

Data Cleansing Services

It is much needed nowadays to maintain standards and increase efficiency.

Data Scrubbing/ Data Cleansing Service

It is much like a synonym to data cleansing service or data cleaning service where in you just focus on maintain accuracy of data.

It can be misinterpreted at times with purging but it is quite different from it. Scrubbing is keeping a check on old files so as to maintain accuracy like inaccurate, incomplete or duplicate data.

Data Enhancement/Enrichment Service

Enhancement refers to upgraded version of something. So even in this context it means up-gradation of hardware or software better than the capabilities.

It is a noteworthy improvement that too, a positive one that enhances product performance. It includes additional functionality, better processing speed and better cross platform compatibility.

Data Standardization Service

It refers to developing or implementing technical standards. These are many of the key points one should keep in mind while performing this job.

Why you need data standardization service?
  • Completing the missing data or knowledge required
  • Enhancing databases with detailed information and features
  • Incomplete information updated by your vendors or users online
  • Accidentally misplaced values by the users / operator
  • Poor quality of data entered from different sources online
  • Wrongs or unstructured data fed into CRM, SCM, EAP or ERP platforms
  • Cross-checking of data to find errors, duplicity or corruption
  • Removing typos by data entry operator / agent / sales team

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