How to Restore Old & Damaged Photos Online By Software

How to Restore Old & Damaged Photos Online By Software

Restoring damaged photographs isn’t as easy as it may seem. Some photographs are so damaged that working on them and restoring them takes hours.

Now that we have technology help us preserve captured moments, we don’t have to worry about creases, torn edges, or fades.

However, the photographs our ancestors clicked, sadly, don’t have any soft copies.

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Popular Photo Restoration Software

There are several photo editing software you can use to restore photographs. Photoshop by Adobe is the best bet. It’s simple and does a great job.

1. Scan the photographs you want to restore. Make sure they’re scanned properly.

Open them in Photoshop or any other editing software of your choice. Understand the photo restoration work it’s going to need – crease cover up, torn parts, etc.

2. Always work on details first. These small things determine the overall look. If you cover up a background patch now, and adjust contrast later, the patch will be seen.

Thus, keep bigger patches for later. Work on the lighting, texture, and missing details first.

3. Once your photograph has these in place, start working on the background. Use curves to determine the look of your image; focus more on contrast.

4. Search for tutorials on the Internet and work with their help. Portraits need more work; be patient with them.

If there are two or more people in a photograph, make sure they both look like a part of it. Don’t play too much with color there.

5. It is always better to give the pictures an antique look, unless you’re restoring images that have been clicked recently and then destroyed.

Of course, certain damaged parts of a photograph cannot be restored. These include large parts of the face, extremely intricate details of an object, etc.

When you restore photographs, you give a new life to age-old moments. It is thus, essential to do it well. Photo restoration process involves scanning of the photos so that they come in digital format.

While doing this you’re not putting the original photo on risk. All alterations are actually done on digital copy and the original photograph remains safe with you.

Now you’ve the digital image that you can work on repairing any damage, which was done to your photo. It can be done by using the graphics program like Adobe Photoshop and Macromedia Fireworks.

It is called “cloning,” you need to copy the small portions from an undamaged part of image and pasting this over a damaged area.

When it is accomplished you have to blend and smooth repaired areas in order to match its surrounding area.


You can do this kind of work on own, it is the painstaking procedure and when not done rightly it can be very obvious that image was repaired.

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