Customer Support Trends That Your Company Needs to Implement

Customer Support Trends That Your Company Needs to Implement

Modern customer support is very closely related to the technology innovation. Powerful combination of the cloud, mobility, big data and social media makes it simple to deliver the personalized customer support experience and sets customer expectation high for each business.

While it is good to provide the multiple support channels, giving omni-channel experience can be essential to keep your customers happy.

Here Are Top 6 Customer Support Trends:

1) Know your customers want effortless service

Around 52% of the consumers may abandon purchases online if they cannot find the quick answer.

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Additionally, customers want to interact with various communication channels during same interaction. It includes phone, social media, live chat, SMS messaging & Email Marketing.

2) Customer support organizations should adopt mobile first mindset

Digital consumer today has average of 3 connected devices. The time spent on Internet using phone devices has overtaken time other devices.

Unluckily, companies are slow in meeting such demand by not giving mobile customer support.

3) Rely on the outbound communications

There’re many benefits for this approach. Firstly, there’s the savings on the carrier cost because of less calls, less incoming lines, and decreased long distance charges.

Then, there is reduced costs for lesser agents or smaller overhead, recruitment costs and training. Third benefit is lesser infrastructure due to less space requirements because of smaller support staff.

4) Deliver right knowledge strategy over all touch points

Whether your customer is reaching through email, search, Web, phone, live chat, self-service, or other channel, and being moved over channels, there have to be context over their experience.

Additionally, agents are been empowered to give engaging and personalized service.

5) Use power offers, connections and actions

This trend generally aims in accomplishing the predictive customer service just by: understanding your customers and behavior, knowing what cross-sell or upsell will benefit them, and giving work to right person or system, guiding customer’s service experience as well as connecting them to right agent.

6) Listen to customers

Collect information on what your customers have to say on different channels, including over the phone, email, Web, community forums, or social media.

The service managers then can use this information to get little insights in how customer support process is improved and pass it on to agents.

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