How To Choose The Best Opt-in Forms?

How To Choose The Best Opt-in Forms?

Thrive Themes team have come up with Thrive Leads that have gained a huge fan following in very short span of time. It is designed to maximize your email opt-in rate. Thrive Team have come up with Thrive Leads plug-in that incorporates all the best conversion strategies and list building strategies in one plug-in. Arrays of opt-in forms are provide that you can choose from, they are easy to use and they can be implemented very easily.

As there while a number of options to choose from, often we get confused while making the correct decision. So I am putting forward certain points to make it easier for you.

• The goal of your opt-in forms. Every opt-in form should have a specific goal like collecting leads, promoting your opt-in offer, promoting a product, collecting social media likes and follow-ups. So identify your goal for using an opt-in form.

• Opt-in forms are designed with different level of distraction. Some are more annoying which means the more annoying it is the more attention it gets. Offers like new opt-in offer, seasonal offer, lead generation as primary objective, soothing exciting and topical time sensitive offer that will soon expire such forms should be as annoying as possible. However, older opt-in forms, content related offers, narrow target offers (meant for a specific reader), lead generation as secondary objective, collect social media follower are some of the forms that should be subtle and smooth.

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• There are different type visitors that visit your site, so the opt-in form should also be different for different visitors. For example, a new visitor is new to your site and has limited knowledge about the content in your site, so the opt-in form for these visitors should be very aggressive to grab more attention.
Whereas, a regular visitor or subscriber will be interested in your content. They will read all you articles and read all your mails. The form for these type of visitors should be more subtle.

So keep these three points in mind while deciding the right opt-in forms you need.

The different type of Opt-in Forms that Thrive Leads offer are:

Ribbon-type Form is a long horizontal form displayed across top or bottom of your screen. This type of opt-in form is for subtle lead generation. If you do not want to disturb your reader this is the form you should opt for. This opt-in form is good for subscribers and engaged readers as it does not disturb article reading.

Lightbox is a popup that overlay your content. It is an all-rounder for front page lead generation. This type of form is for new visitors and low engagement visitors as these forms are highly annoying. These forms are used for offers that need immediate action.

Screen Filler Lightbox/Overlay is an extreme version of Lightbox and the form occupies the entire screen. It is an unignorable opt-in form that can be used when you desperately need to show something to everyone. Suggested form for huge promotions and event requiring immediate action. Also good for time sensitive, important messages that everyone needs to know.

Widget Bar Opt-in Form appears in any widget area, including the side bar and footer. This form is a passive back up lead generation form. It is a static form and does not interrupt article reading. This form is subtle, passive and clearly available for anyone who looks for it. It is good for evergreen offers that don’t require much explaining.

In-liner and Post Footer are lead generation, content upgrades and content related offers that don’t interrupt reading article. In-line is a automatically insert opt-in form that is inside your content and Post Footer form appears at the bottom of your content. Good for content upgrade and re-engaging visitors who are losing interest. Used for lead generation for segmented list based on interest.

Slide-In is the form type in which the form slides into the content and sits on the edge of the screen. This form is a good option for every non-front page opt-in offer and lead generation. This form is less intrusive than Lightbox, however equally attention grabbing. Good for presenting content related offer without interrupting reader’s flow.

Scroll Mat Type is the welcome overlay for showing off your best offer before the visitor enters your site. Good for welcomes, lead generation, product offers, social media optimization & promotion. It is as big and attention grabbing as screen filler, however often perceived as less intrusive.

Hope the classification will help in understanding the nature of the different opt-in forms .Before we wide up there is one last thing that I want to tell you is about Testing. Testing is equally important as every situation is unique and testing will give you the real picture. We need to see that how real life human react to different opt-in forms. So create opt-in forms and use them where you want them on your site keeping in mind the different type of visitors and the type of form that we use for them that we discussed earlier. Choose and create a opt-in form that you would like to test against the previous opt-in form, start test between two forms.

Make sure that you have sufficient data to run the test. Whichever form win in the A/B test is the opt-in form that you should choose.


It is amazing that Thrive Themes has come up with so much variation in opt-in forms and the ease of using these forms. I personally feel that we should keep using new forms and keep testing them so that we can get the best opt-in form according to changing visitors need. Hope the information provided will help you in choosing the opt-in form that helps you most.

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