Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Do you know anyone who’s not yet involved in any social media marketing platform? Most consumer demographics are already involved in at least one social media platform. This makes it such a powerful marketing tool. Its reach is massive and has contagious properties.

It’s a wise move to have a social media arm for your marketing strategy. It can involve much traffic and activity. Best of all, it can get you customers and can widen your clientele. How can you intensify your social media marketing game? Here’s how:


As much as possible, get yourself involved in every social media platform you know. This can widen the reach of your communication. Some people have Facebook but not Instagram and vice versa. With this strategy, the exposure of your business is maximized. Your social media presence in a variety of social media platforms can get you engaged with a diversified audience.

Also, explore your options with new platforms such as Blab, Miitomo, Beme, and much more. Check your AppStore or PlayStore for social networking apps. If any of them gets hyped up, you’re already there.

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Do not rely on generic content. Invest in compelling profile images and website design. In addition, have a comprehensive “about” page. This is one of the things that your audience check. Make sure that it clearly conveys your message.

Building a brand and developing your brand voice come in handy on this part. By doing this, your market can easily identify you. From there on, they will easily detect when you post on your social media platform.


Experimenting with materials can help you learn what strikes your audience. You can mix them all up or post in alternating fashion. Materials that can be posted in social media are constantly evolving and you have to watch out for what’s trending. You can use images, GIFs, videos, audios, and infographics.

Furthermore, there are free available tools in analyzing traffic in your accounts and website. Make use of them such as Google Analytics and built-in analytics in social media marketing platforms.


Since you already have information about data traffic, you can now plan your social media posting. Certain hours of the day has more social media traffic. If your target market is office workers, then schedule your post during meal times. These hours are most likely the time when your target audience has no work to do.

Also, spend some time to brainstorm with the people of your business. With this, you can plan to post ideas. If their department is cooking up something major soon, then you can post a teaser for that. In effect, you can get your colleagues involved while forming a solid posting plan.


If it’s a success, then use it again. However, do not just repost it as is. Otherwise, your audience can get bored with your social media activity. However, make sure to update your post as necessary. Other than attracting the audience who already reacted to your post, other audiences can get to see the post too,

Develop your content

Take advantage of your website or blog. Share their content on your social media as you deem appropriate. However, do not resort to this method all the time. Remember we already discussed customization of your social media platforms.

In addition, your posts do not need to be coming from you exclusively. You can post news and informational articles related to what your business is trying to convey to the audience. If you have a content writing department in your business, vary your content from time to time.

Your social media post is an opportunity to tell your story to your audience. Being blatant about selling something does not work very much if you wish to attract social media users. Your goal is to attract an audience and convert them into your customers.


Interact with your audience as much as you can. In your social media posts, encourage them to connect with you by commenting, liking, or writing their feedback about your business in general. Answer all suggestions, complaints, inquiries, and comments. This is a way of catering to your customers.

Once in a while, organize a live chat with your audience. Ask a question and answer theirs. Being able to communicate with people on a personal level can increase their awareness of your business.

You can also set-up surveys to learn about the insight of your audience. As you engage with people, be open to criticisms. Treat them as a way for you to learn more about your product or services and your marketing strategies.

Contests, Promos, and Freebies

This could be one of the most popular ways to attract traffic to your website or social media marketing platform. You need not be extravagant with your contest, promos, and freebies. Though if you have the budget for it, then go right ahead and be extravagant.

Who wouldn’t want to take advantage of discounts or giveaways that you have in store for your audience? This is an opportunity for you to widen your reach by encouraging your audience to like and share your post or social media marketing account.

These are some ways to up your social media posting strategy. You just have to remember that social media are platforms for a connection between you a business and the users as your market. The conversation between you should be given and take so encourage them to participate as much as you can. This way, more people would want to get connected with you.

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