The 6 Most Commonly Outsourced Tasks in 2016

The 6 Most Commonly Outsourced Tasks in 2016

Top 6 Most Commonly Outsourcing Tasks

Outsourcing is a business deal between two business organizations in which one business hires the other to do some processes for them over a certain period of time. Outsourcing is a partnership and the company that outsources some tasks does not hire those employees as a part of their organization, instead they work for someone else.

Usually, companies outsource jobs so that they can save money on them. This is almost always possible, as businesses that get outsourced are usually very far abroad, located in countries that have lower standards, meaning that they demand smaller pays for the same jobs. However, more and more companies have different reasons for outsourcing some business processes.

Due to the advancement of the outsourcing business, there are now companies whose main business plan is to offer their skill and expertise to companies who are interested in outsourcing them. These business organizations have improved so much that their ability to perform certain business processes are flawless, and companies hire them for their expertise.

Even if the costs for outsourcing are the same as if the business took care of those processes on its own, owners look to outsource because they feel that this will give better results in the end, concerning the quality of service or products. So, here are some of the most commonly outsourced services in 2016.

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1.   Call Center Services

All of the services you can possibly outsource for a call center include telemarketing, help desks, debt collection and call services. All of these services are offered for the purpose of improving client management and customer support using phone services for both outbound and inbound calls. Call centers that specialize in phone services deal with both outbound and inbound calls, while on the other hand telemarketing usually focuses only on outbound calls.

A lot of specialized call centers also include additional back office support services through emails, instant messaging and social media. Out of these three services that can be provided by call centers, call management is the most popular one in 2016. When the whole outsourcing thing began, call centers were usually outsourced because they had a lot of employees who spoke foreign languages. For example, if a business in Germany wants to hit the Spanish market, they might outsource a call center in Mexico, so that they can offer customer support for all customers who speak Spanish.

After that, the services of call centers improved in great measure, and it was simpler and cheaper to outsource these services, instead of investing in your own departments. Call centers require a lot of people who are trained in this service and it can take a long time to create a quality department of your own. Yet another reason that makes these services so popular for outsourcing is that customer support demand can be higher at certain seasons.

There are companies that sell seasonal products, and once their demand increases, their need for a greater service team increases drastically, and you cannot hire or train enough people for this short period of time. Furthermore, after the season has passed, you won’t have the need for so many employees and you will have to fire them.

2.   Accounting and Finance Services

When it comes to accounting, payroll and tax preparation services are most commonly outsourced. The reason why it’s so easy to outsource these services, and rest assured that they will be done properly, is that most accounting methods are standardized on a global level, meaning that all professionals do them in pretty much the same way.

Accounting services also involve dealing with countless paperwork, and for many people, this is so exhausting and confusing. If even a small mistake is made during various accounting-related activities, including erroneous inclusion or an omission, could result in small penalties or even full audits and this is why business organizations that are unsure about these processes choose to leave them to experts that know what they are doing.

During tax seasons, there will be a great demand for tax preparation and this is why companies may choose to outsource some of them. Still, given the fact that this work is quite sensitive in nature, it is essential that you outsource to a company that is not only competent to do the job, but is also trustworthy.

The main reason for this is because, when you outsource your accounting or financial jobs, you will have to share important documents that show financial the standings or wage records, and this is not the information you should reveal to anyone. If someone chooses to abuse this information, your business and employees alike might suffer devastating consequences.

3.   Healthcare Services

A lot of healthcare services including medical bills, diagnostics, scanning, and many other activities, have been commonly outsourced in 2016. Given the fact that almost all similar healthcare activates can be outsourced easily on the cheap, without having to cut down on their quality, it would simply be very surprising that businesses don’t outsource them. However, there are potential dangers that go along with outsourcing healthcare services, similar to accounting and financing.

Medical information is also valuable and sensitive, and it must be in safe hands. A business cannot allow it to be abused or stolen, or it may face heavy charges in the court of law. This is why it is important to be careful when choosing to outsource healthcare services, and make sure that you perform a good background check of anyone you want to hire.

4.   Writing Services

One of the most outsourced job positions in the world at the moment is freelance writing. This term is almost a synonym for outsourcing, as “freelance writer” refers to people who are never officially employed by business organizations. Instead, they provide writing services for respectable fees and their names are almost never mentioned in their work, as companies take credit for themselves.

Additionally, a lot of outsourcing companies that provide marketing services can also create marketing copies for their clients. This is one of the common trends in 2016, as it is an efficient way for book publishers, websites, marketing companies, magazines, newspapers and even some universities to find good, cost-efficient writers who are willing to work when needed, without having to offer them any permanent contracts.

Another reason why they are so popular is that there are a lot of writers who know different languages, and it is possible to hire someone abroad to write for you in their native tongue. This will cost you much less than hiring someone with a degree in your own country. Another reason why there are so many freelance writers is that they earn good money for their standards, they work at their own pace and choose the assignments they want, so it’s good for them as well.

5.   Manufacturing Services

The days of companies having their production facilities at the same place where their headquarters are have long passed. In 2016, there are almost no big companies that have the majority of their production facilities in their country. Almost all of them have moved their production somewhere offshore, because their production costs are much lower overseas. Still, you should bear in mind that outsourcing manufacturing services offshore is not only because the costs are much lower.

The fact that the employment trends have changed a lot in the West after so many years, the skill sets employees possess have also changed a lot. A lot of companies that outsource manufacturing processes have determined that their products actually come out better, because the countries in which they outsource have workforces which possess the necessary skills to manufacture exceptional products.

It is important to understand that business organizations don’t outsource all of their manufacturing processes, but instead they outsource certain phases that require large workforces and adequate skill sets.

6.   Graphic design services

Graphic designers are in a similar position as freelance writers, as they are hired for individual projects, instead of long-term contracts. Freelancer graphic designers design a lot of things including logos, web content, page design, images etc. and they do this for various organizations. This outsourcing concept has improved so much that there are even graphic design companies with teams that can work on larger projects.

The appearance of this business model is owed to the fact that most companies don’t need design services on regular basis and because of this, hiring designers or design teams simply doesn’t pay off as they would be sitting for most of the time.


Why are these particular jobs so fit for outsourcing? The clearest things these jobs have in common is that they are extreme, they either require little skilled workers or highly skilled ones. Furthermore, these jobs usually don’t have a great impact on the general function of the company. A lot of people see outsourcing in a negative way, but I wouldn’t agree. Both of the sides in this business partnership model benefit and get out satisfied, and this is what is important.

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