37 best Facebook Page Apps for Brand Marketing - Updated

37 best Facebook Page Apps for Brand Marketing - Updated

Employment of the third party Facebook Applications has been one of the easiest ways to use the Facebook page to its fullest possible use in the field of social media marketing.

One web page can provide its user with improved user experience by making the page better and appealing the crowd. When a post appears in the activity field of the social media, this brings in more visitors to interact with the content that is shared. In order to improve the branding, bringing in more leads and sales, Facebook customisation can be done, this also adds one advantage to your Facebook page, i.e., page customization.

There are many social media marketing tools for Facebook that help the brand with handling and improving the marketing activities of Facebook. Here are 37 of the best Facebook apps on the market that are available.  There are variations in design and even in the customization. This calls for adding attractive features like crafting engagements with polls to blogging and even video integration. These features take the Facebook page to a totally new dimension.


Learn, Earn and Educate Community


Our motto is to spread the awareness about the latest technological happenings and the best-in-the-business news, to engage our users and startup customers from storytelling in setting up the startup culture.

This app further provides 10 more apps which help in increasing the brand consciousness, encouraging client interaction, driving the website traffic, promoting repeat business, increasing sales leads and igniting marketing with a full-fledged start. For further information, the Ripe Social blog can be followed.


This is an efficient platform to manage the Facebook page. This Facebook application page has 10 pages all in total which helps one to draw fans, involve them and also to offer elite content on the Facebook page, cellular devices and even on the own website. Check out the official blog for knowing more about the application.


If there is a need to contest, promote and watch exciting deals to drive the web traffic, lead and sales, HEYO is an efficient and laid-back editor and template application. There are widgets like drag and drop which aid in the customization of the page, this is done without even writing a single line of code!

With HEYO, one can get complete artistic control over the web page.


For creating interesting web pages and having a good fan experience, North Social can prove to be of total help. There are 19 Facebook applications, as offered by the Application. This is a very effectual application to enhance engagement and advertising of the brand.


It will be a magnificent idea to turn your social spectators to your customers which help in earning significant revenue. Fanappz gives one all that is needed to grow, participate and learn more. Brand assets can easily be converted into great social experiences that have a very powerful impact on the fans. This application helps in the demographics and other related interests.


This app helps in creating customised tab with no content there. They have a large number of apps for videos, blogs, photos and much more interesting feed.


For making powerful customised I frame tabs, this app serves the purpose totally.


This app helps in building Facebook tabs for deals, reviews, contests, sweepstakes and more. For further knowledge, the official blog can be followed.


This app can be very helpful if you are to show your contact information and business locations through Google Maps or Bing. This app is very handy and serves the purpose pretty well.


There are 26 apps offered by Socialappshq. The setting up of the app is easy and is also available in multiple languages.


If e-commerce needs to be embedded in the Facebook page, then Lunarmods proves out to be a very competent app.


ECWID is a seamlessly integrating shopping cart app which can be easily used on the page and even be displayed on many other pages at the same time.


If there is a requirement to simplify post or to arrange scheduling of the Facebook updates, or addition of images, checking feeds, etc., such complex campaigns can be accomplished by the teams; this would include Profiles, Pages, Events, Groups and Search.


Post Planner diaries posts, and is also helpful in searching for content concepts. Your Facebook is publicized all over your page and groups and hence reaches new high view count.


SocialOOmph services you to manage your Facebook account by updating status and managing your photo uploads too.


Whenever in need of a good status update and if your mind has given up on providing with something pleasing, then switch to this app. This app has a pool of interesting and at the same time inspiring status updates to choose from.


Shortstack is an efficient app to deliver you the most of your Facebook pages. All the contests, grouped data and analytical data can be in handy with the help of this app.


This app is proved helpful if there is a need to create and device an interactive contest on Facebook.


There are ample of features offered in this app; this includes making photo and video contests, banner customization, buttons, CSS, customised entry forms and menu tabs, etc.


There are competitions on Facebook with the motive of increasing sales, improving engagement and conversions. Snapapp encourages these activities and hence is proving its worth.


Antavo engages Facebook users in contests, giveaways and sweepstakes in web and mobile applications.


With NetworkedBlogs, your post can be routinely published on Facebook helping one to generate more traffic.


If a need arises to publish five different blogs on your Facebook page, then RSS can be a handy app.


RSS Graffiti ensures that Facebook page is automatically updated with your blogs in the RSS feed.


This makes you heavily involved in your brand, as this app synchronizes the YouTube channel directly to a customized tab on your Facebook Fan page.


Adding a live broadcast from a high in-demand library can be a good option for growing the total of fans on your Facebook fan page.


To make your Facebook Tabs, Timeline, covers, etc. more decorative and pleasing, use Grosocial app. This is an easy to use app which brings some amazingly designed templates to get an overwhelmed appearance of your Facebook page.


This app adds branded business pages to your Facebook page. Here beautiful templates for the timeline can be created by attractive images and also with in-line editing. Hosting micro websites can also be done here.


Pagemood helps to customize your Facebook page with an impressive looking welcome tabs and cover images in a matter of minutes.  This app is best suited for the ones in need of a professional Facebook page for the business and the organisation.


For the efficient management of your Facebook friend and fans list switch to SelectrMe.


This app helps to select the “fan of the week” by a selection process where other peers can vote and choose the apt candidate. The winner can be selected manually too.


This app helps in providing a pleasant customer support and substantially engages the Facebook fans.


This app can help you video chat with 12 people on Facebook at the same time. There are provisions for also recording the video from YouTube and sending the recorded messages.


Polldaddy helps in creating surveys, quizzes, polls and the different rating systems.


Poll creates Facebook pages and improves the fan engagement.


Polls for Facebook puts up a lot of choices and contest a large number of votes of all kind of freeform questions.


This is an efficient poll and surveying app which segregates and conducts the contest based on age, gender, education, marital status and other parameters. There are even options for personal interviews and unique form of question formats.

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