11 Most Useful Web apps to Save Your Time

11 Most Useful Web apps to Save Your Time

There are plenty of software’s available that are designed to perform specific task. For photo editing, there are great tools like Photoshop and gimp.

The Software’s have become an essential part of our lives, making everything simpler and easier. What if you need to get anything done, but don’t have the right software?

Downloading the required software is not always a great idea; especially if you are having a slow internet connection or the software is of large size for download.

Well, it may be surprising to know that there are online web apps available for almost anything to replace the software’s.

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11 Useful web apps:

You can perform anything online without having to download the software which saves you a great deal of time and disk space. Here we list 11 of the top web apps that will come in handy for you.

1. Screenr.com

The Screenr helps you record your desktop right from the web browser itself.

Now, if you are one of those geeks who uploads tutorial videos to you tube with screen recording, the screenr will also help you to upload the recorded videos directly to the you tube.

2. Photoshop Express Editor

Photoshop, the leading photo editing tool is now available online with most of the original features. It doesn’t require any download or installation.

What’s the best thing about the Photoshop Express Editor is that each user will get a 2 GB disk space to save the processed image contents.

3. Zamzar.com

The file conversion has never been this much simpler before. You may be familiar with video convertors and other file convertors. Zamzar is the one stop solution for conversion from anything to anything. A wide range of file types are supported at Zamzar.com next time you need to convert a an unsupported video or file, just look up at zamzar.com

4. Bitdefender QuickScan

Having an antivirus in your system may sometimes be painful. The Bitdefender Quickscan is an extension available for the chrome and firefox which allows you to perform a full virus scan on your system.

Having that said, it is probably the most light weight anti-virus you can have to secure your computer.

5. Ideone.com
There are plenty of programming languages in the world today. If you want to test or run a piece of code, but doesn’t have the right IDE installed in your system.You can seek help at ideone. Ideone supports more than 40 different programming languages. You can compile and run the code for different platforms.

6. Algebra Calculator

If you are having trouble solving the algebra. All you have to do is visit the algebra calculator in your browser and enter the problem to the input field.

They will provided step by step explanation on solving that particular question to obtain an answer.

7. Until AM
Until AM is probably the best online software that can mix and edit the songs from your local disk or from online music sharing sites like sound cloud.

It has very impressive interface which helps the users to play with the songs at ease.

8. GIFDeck

GIF is the best way to express any idea. The GIFDeck is an amazing online tool that will help you to convert your slideshare presentations into GIF format. You have the complete control over the GIF file you create. You can set the time interval and the size of the output GIF file.

9. Postify

The hardcore social media addicts can’t even imagine taking a day off from the Facebook or twitter.

If you are one of them, you know how hard it is to leave the Facebook without posting any status when you are gone.

Well, postify is the perfect solution for your problems. With postify, you can write posts and schedule them to be posted to Facebook or twitter at the time of your choice via Postify.

10. RAW

It is a very difficult job to create graphs from the spreadsheet data that have great visual appeal without any errors.
RAW will help you to create amazing graphs based on spreadsheets that can be presented at any business meetings or for seminars.

There are a number of different charts and graphs to choose from.

11. Lala GIF

What is better than a GIF? Obviously, the GIF with sound. Lala GIF is an online tool that enables the users to add audio to the GIF files.

All you have to do is upload the GIF file and the audio to merge them using the online tool. I bet people will die laughing GIF’s with sound.

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