10 Major Web Designing Tips to Make More Productive

Building a website with great content will not alone make it a great website. The users are highly influenced by the web design tips, structure and the color scheme used in a website.

If you don’t have good design for your website, then visitors are likely to exit from your website as soon as they open the link. Here is a list of 10 major website designing tips to make your website more attractive and productive.

10 Major website designing tips

1. Implement an easy navigation

Do not complicate the navigation of pages with your extremely good skills in web designing. The navigation should me made simple and easy. It will help the visitors to navigate around all the pages of your website.

Provide a site map and use complementing color schemes that will catch the attention of the users. Provide a main navigation menu for easy navigation.

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2. Make the web interface more interactive

People love interactive stuff. Bringing life to the web pages force the people to stay. It can be simply done by changing the color scheme when hovered over by the mouse pointer and providing interactive buttons.

3. Make it easy to view and read

Throwing off vibrant colors to the web pages often results in poor readability of the content. The letters should be dark in a light background for an easy readability.

Not the other way around. Keep the content part minimalistic. Use a font that can be read easily and use appropriate font size.

4. Make the pages consistent

If you are following a specific color scheme and design, make sure to implement it in all of your pages. Do not ever use different styles for different pages. The users may find it frustrating.

5. Make the website compatible for everyone

Not everyone will have the latest high end PC or laptop with a blazing fast internet connection. There are web users with low configurations and slower internet speeds.

So don’t hesitate to remove elements that require high end configuration and high internet speed.

6. Include social share buttons

Add various social share buttons like Facebook and Twitter. Linking your Facebook page will also increase the traffic to the website.

7. Don’t make it thick

The website shouldn’t be made too thick, filled with various elements like text, buttons and images. Gracefully give white spaces for giving the website a clean look.

8. Optimize the mobile view

A great deal of traffic come from the smartphones connected to the internet. Failing to provide a clean view to the mobile screen will reduce traffic. It is convenient to provide a spate layout and design for mobile viewing experience.

9. Make changes according to the trend

Many of the Laptops and computers being rolled out today feature touch screen interface. So the buttons should be made in such a size and shape so that people can easily use them on a touch interface.

10. Make the pages load faster

Remove all the elements that slow down your website. People hate to wait. A fast website will attract many web users.

Employ these tips if you find that your website is not productive as it should be. These small website designing tips will make a huge impact on the productivity of your blog or website.

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